Attachments Cosmetic Revamp

  • So I think all the attachments we have are all cool and good but I think a few small(ish) changes should be made to how they work.

    The main thing about attachments is that some attachments work really well on a weapon but can ruin a specific style that you’re going for. Like for example the pistol grip works well for some setups but it’s U G L Y and ruins the look of some weapons. Or like on the C7A2 the long barrel completely changes the furniture to be ugly. I suggest “cosmetic” attachments. Basically you have your “real” attachments that affect stats; that won’t change. The thing that will change is the ability to make an attachment look like another without changing stats. Maybe it’s not “realistic” but in reality it’s only going to affect what you see because to everyone else it’s low poly.

    Also something that might break balance is the separation of barrel attachments and actual barrels. Again could break balance but I want a short barrel and muzzle booster/suppressor at the same time. This might not be that great of an idea but I really do think they should be completely separate categories. Also why should have a different stock affect my ability to have a bt/laser? I know it’s mostly for balancing but still.

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