Sniper Scope Customization

  • I made a post a while ago about my concern on Scopes WIP Feedback (Test Place), and I mean the default ones, such as PM II, which is my favorite scope on the AWM, I've been wondering why these default scopes don't have customization for their reticles. Let me know what you guys think!

    Note: This applies to empty-slot sights, like the default iron sights, or even the BFG-50 Scope.

    And Stylis, if you guys ever do consider adding this in, add this option to iron sights too, I'd gladly want a green highlight on the Default Iron Sight of my Desert Eagle, or perhaps red. Thanks for you consideration.

  • That's cool and all, but what about the default scope on the BFG-50 and such? As there's a very small family of snipers that have their own scope which is equipped in place of iron sights when you decide to go into battle without attaching a sight mod.

  • KommandoKazumi There's a reason why I also suggested that default iron sights, if left unequipped, should have the option to be customizable too. Don't worry, I'll bring it up again if it isn't implemented for default scopes, and I mean the empty slotted ones, like the BFG 50.