Desert Eagle Muzzle Attachments/Potential Suppressor For All

  • Sorry for the inconvenience earlier, I couldn't edit the poll on the previous post of the Desert Eagle, but back to the topic.

    I really want a new suppressor just for the Desert Eagle series guns in Phantom Forces, this suppressor is very well-known for its appearance in Hollywood movies, but I did say previously that it'd have statistics similar to the PBS-1 Suppressor due to its length and design depth, now don't get me wrong, I didn't ask to replace it, I asked to have the Desert Eagle Hollywood Suppressor to be put as a cosmetic, to serve as a custom look on all suppressors, not replacing the suppressor itself in general. Same thing with the Muzzle Brake and Compensator, I want the option to change them cosmetically, just without replacing them entirely, the suppressor and muzzles would look like this:

    Note: I suggest making the Hollywood Suppressor available to all guns, as a counter against the Loudener, you'll get what I mean, also that these cosmetics be added as separate attachments to avoid confusion and disruption to anyone, Stylis, I appreciate your consideration.

    Hint: A faster way to make this, just copy the Long Barrel on the Desert Eagle, then add the bottom/lower part on it, then do the details, drill holes, etc.

    Please vote honestly, and provide me a good point if you disagree, I really want to know your insights and perspectives on this, I'll respond accordingly.

  • looks really good

  • PhantomSoldier I'm glad you like it lol, I've always wanted these muzzles for a long time on Phantom Forces.

  • Well, about that suppressed Deagle, I actually found this

  • @ILost3Accounts Yes, the barrel adapter for the Desert Eagle, finally threaded for suppressors. I've seen that video!