Recoil increasing and decreasing mods!

  • So, for the first time, I am doing a full on attachments suggestion. I had a few cool ideas.


    This is a three in one post. I have three ideas for recoil mods:

    • Heavy Bolt
    • Heavy Spring
    • Light Bolt

    Heavy Bolt
    "Increase the weight of your bolt to reduce rate of fire. Cycles rounds physically slower. 5% ROF loss."

    Reduced ROF (5%), and reduces recoil a decent amount. Good if you want to conserve rounds slightly better, and want lighter recoil.

    Heavy Spring
    "Modify your recoil spring material to be made of chrome silicon steel. Physically slows how fast rounds are cycled, therefore reducing ROF. Noticeable recoil reduction, thanks to the slower moving bolt."

    Reduces ROF by 15%. Lowers recoil noticeably. Good if you want FAR better stability, and that M3A1 feel. Don't put this on an M3A1..

    Light Bolt
    "Reduce the weight of your bolt by using a lighter metal. Barrel gases push this bolt back physically faster, and the recoil spring pushes forward on it physically faster. Increases ROF by cycling rounds faster. Increased recoil."

    Increases ROF by 10%, with a very noticeable increase in recoil. Good if you like muzzle boosters. Good luck handling both of those, though..

    All of these are in the "Other" category. Available for ALL semi-auto and/or auto weapons. Not available for pump-action, lever-action, bolt-action or on revolvers.


    Lets talk.

    These three attachments will allow greater flexibility in firearm usage. They can all be used with the muzzle booster or the muffler. You can have extreme rate of fire, or very low rate of fire. Very high recoil (please don't do this to an M231), or very low recoil.


    So how do you feel about it?

  • Heavy Bolt-
    Few weapons IRL had this, and only one weapon in-game has this mod (at least, that I know of anyways).

    Heavy Spring-
    Only applicable to the AR family of rifles, maybe. Never heard of an AK family rifle or LMG with a "heavy spring" mod for it, much less any weapon really. Speaking of rifles, the FAL has the halbek device which was used to reduce the effects of recoil and muzzle climb very effectively to allow for fully automatic fire.

    Light Bolt-

  • KommandoKazumi The heavy spring idea was actually inspired by this AK spring mod:

    Snakehound also made the loudener.

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