PSA: Give Stats on gun suggestion

  • Banned

    heres a template
    gun description

    • Rank Unlock:
    • Damage: num1 -> num2
    • Range: num1 -> num2
    • Ammo Count: num1/num2
    • Round in chamber: Yes
    • Caliber: calibername
    • Firemode: semi/auto/burst
    • Head Multiplier: headmulti
    • Torso Multiplier: headmulti
    • Penetration: num.num studs
    • Recoil: like X gun, but with Y different


    • attachment 1 with brief description
    • attachment 2 with brief description
    • attachment 3 with brief description

    here you lazy fuckers who cant spend 2 minutes to format
    did all the work for you

  • lol that's funny

  • I mean I just copy/paste over what I have on my other gun suggestions, hence the minor variations between suggestions I've made.