IWS 2000.

  • You're a terrible person.
    Yes, that round on the bottom is a .50 cal.

    "Why? Why do you need this!?"


    For those who don't think the BFG is a big f###in' gun. x10 scope by default. I don't know what the reticle on this gun is. Virtually no bullet drop, no matter if you aim up, down, or anywhere around. Good luck maneuvering, though. This has the slowest walk speed of any gun in the entire game. Just to have some sort of appeal, steady time is VERY long, at 10 seconds. Huge penetration capability. Fires a dart. This was an anti-tank gun, after all.

    This gun is HEAVY and GIANT. ADS takes a while. Reloading is slow. Walking is slow. It's the slowest in every way except bullet velocity. You can't hold many rounds. Switching to this from your secondary is INSANELY slow. Because of the up to 20 rounds, you are forced to hit shots. This also cannot pick up rounds from ANY gun. However, I saw that equipment is actually being worked on, so....


    RPM: 15
    Muzzle Velocity: 5000 Studs/S
    Ammo: 1/19 (20 rounds total.)
    Penetration Depth: 30 Studs. You read that right. 30 Studs. This thing can pierce 40mm (~1.6 in) of solid heavy tank armour in real life.
    Recoil Handling: You don't handle this gun, this gun handles you. Highest recoil in game. It takes almost 4 seconds to recover.
    Damage: 60 > 40 (3SK max.)
    Range: 1000 max > 2500 min
    Rank: 300, cannot be bought.
    Walkspeed: 8
    Headshot Multi: x3.0
    Torso Multi: x2.0


    Lets talk attachments.

    AMR 5075 Conversion. 5 Round detachable box mag is used! Changes name to "AMR 5075". Slows walk speed further. Very light recoil reduction you may not notice. It is there, though. Reload time is 8 seconds. Ouch. You get 4 boxes of 5.

    Long barrel: Muzzle velocity is changed to 8000 studs per second. .17 wildcat, eat your heart out. Forget leading your shots, click that head, and they are dead. Then you have to wait at most 8 seconds to hit your next head! Reduces walk speed significantly.

    Tank Brake: Vertical recoil reduction that is more than noticeable. Slower walk speed.

    March 8-80x56mm. Can zoom to x10, x20, x40 and x80. 15,000 kill unlock. Buying this will make you bankrupt. It is available on all snipers, and some other guns.


    With that long barrel and conversion, you are looking at a lowest walk speed of about 6. Yikes. Sound fun?

  • Cannot be bought

    Im sorry but no.

  • KommandoKazumi Come on, we need at least one torture gun that people need to work for. People would be screaming "AAAH IWS 2000 BUYER KICK HIM" anyway.

  • Jesus Christ that kill requirement for the March scope damn

  • @ILost3Accounts Yeah, I'll tone it down..

  • This is a literal war crime.

  • WAY too weak

  • I need this, just because I've reached rank 300.

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