AA12 does NOT need a nerf.

  • Bringing in the heat.

    The AA12, for what it is, is balanced. Flechette doesn't need a penetration nerf, and the AA12 doesn't need a nerf either. The 20rd drum doesn't even need to move to ammo.

    The choke on the AA12 is insane. The damage drop is ridiculous. It consumes ammo faster than you can reload. It's useless outside of CQC, unless you are using slugs. Why use slugs over a DMR, though? Use a Beowulf TCR.

    Shotguns are supposed to dominate CQC, and be entirely ineffective at range (Nerf the KS23M) unless you use birdshot. Even then, the damage is worthless. I have absolutely melted AA12 users with the MAC10, M4A1, HK416, whatever. When I'm dying to it, my team usually isn't backing me up and I'm having to deal with several groups of enemies at a time. It is possible to counter. If you know what you're doing, any gun can destroy it. You can't just hold left click and melt like everyone says you can. Chances are, if a high rank is getting insane streaks with the AA12, the same thing will happen with a FAL. The Saiga shoots faster, anyway, so why use the AA12 over that, if fire rate is everything? I've used the thing myself, and fire rate is NOT everything. Automatic is NOT everything. Shotgun is NOT everything.

    If anything is to happen with the AA12, make the reload slightly faster and take a mag away from the current standard ammo pool and the 20rd drum. Maybe, and I really mean maybe increase choke a little. Your downside is now that you'll be out of ammo constantly. You could probably expect that out of an automatic shotgun. If choke is increased, it will probably result in less lucky shots at medium range. That, or remove it, so people will stop kicking others out of the game just because they are using an AA12. It really doesn't need to be removed, though. People will just complain because someone got a 15 streak with an AA12 instead of an M231.

    AA12 does not stand for "Automatic & Amazing 12KDR". Trust me, I tried it, it doesn't get me a million kills like everyone screaming and complaining says.

  • Flechette doesn't need a nerf??? I don't think u understand how significant it is to have 3 studs of penetration on a shotgun with the only downsides being a reduced ammo pool and a max damage reduction (that doesn't really make a big impact on most of the shotguns except for the KS23 and Stevens).

  • Antifuse_00 ..that's what flechette is. It's literally less damage for more penetration. It's just armour piercing for shotguns. Maybe nerf damage further, but nerfing penetration is just defeating the purpose of it.

  • 1.5 studs is reasonable and can still allow you to wallbang... 3 is overkill

  • REDH3X said in AA12 does NOT need a nerf.:

    AA12 does not stand for "Automatic & Amazing 12KDR".



  • You're not backstabbing, are you?
    I agree the pen-depth of Flechette nerf, but the DMG nerf a little too much.
    And since the Flechette was so nerfed, there's no need to move the 20-rnd drums into the ammo category.
    It's just making AA-12 less fun now.

  • GhostLuke said in AA12 does NOT need a nerf.:

    I agree the pen-depth of Flechette nerf, but the DMG nerf a little too much.

    Completely agreed, The dmg nerf should be undone, but the pen-depth nerf can stay.

  • if they are going to make aa12 absolute shit, then it should be rank 1 unlock

  • I agree. When going against it, it is a very powerful weapon in the right hands but it is not broken. Using a shotgun such as the remington and the AK are good counters to the aa12. Another way of countering is making some space between you and the enemy. Usually people who say nerf the aa12 don't learn from their deaths and don't change their play style. Honestly if you're going to nerf the aa12, you have to nerf all the shotguns because they are "overpowered" in cqc.

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