[KP-9] A Series of Russian Gun Suggestions, Part 4!

  • - The Vityaz SMG, a modernised PP19 Bizon. Larger, and fires 9x19mm. A legendary gun.
    - The American-Russian Kali-9.
    - A new sidearm, the American-Russian KP-9. A Vityaz available in the U.S.A. for citizens! Semi-Auto.

    • The Tokarev Pistol, a 7.62x25mm 1930s Russian pistol! Don't ignore this one, there are too many USA pistols for the lack of old world pistols, honestly.

    I'm only doing one of these a day. Not every day, though.


    Commie pistol! Nice!

    "The TT33 is a legendary classic Russian handgun. Chambered in 7.63 Tokarev. Decent for range and close quarters combat, but is not the best at either scenario."


    Stats (Subject to change, obviously):

    Think of it as an in-between M1911 and Five-seveN. It's the best of both, but not as good as either in a single category. Small magazine, too. The bullets do fly, though.

    RPM: 750
    Muzzle Velocity: 1700 Studs/S
    Ammo: 8/48 (7 mags total, 56 rounds total.)
    Penetration Depth: 1 Stud
    Recoil Handling: In between the 1911 and the Five Seven, leaning 1911.
    Damage: 45 > 32 (4SK max.)
    Range: 35 max > 120 min
    Rank: 74 (Unlocked with the AK-74!)


    Lets talk attachments.

    M48 conversion. Fires 9x19mm Parabellum. Better close range damage, worse range, worse muzzle velocity. Just in case you just want a Russian "M1911" (It's Hungarian, but the Russia fans don't need to know that). It also holds 9 rounds! Cool. Same total amount of mags. Changes the name to M48.

    Pistol stocks, barrel extensions. You get the idea.


    Poll is at the top! I made this one simple.

  • Perhaps give it FiveSeven penetration and velocity, but also slightly reduce damage so HP won't make it 2sk (so 41-32). Otherwise great

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