Votekick Suggestion: The Spicy Sequel

  • Time for something simpler.

    Please give my last suggestion a read!

    • You can now change your vote during a votekick

    • Good samaritans earn REP: your REP will show up on the slightly modified votekick window.

    You gain 0.25 REP for correctly voting on an accused user (you don't lose any if you are unsure)

    You gain 1 REP for kicking a cheater. You gain the points when the cheater is eventually banned.

    You lose 2 REP for abusing the kick permissions.

    Good REP: 6+ REP points [-25% vote requirements]

    Neutral REP: 0 REP points

    Bad REP: -4 points [+25% vote requirements]

    REP cap: -10, 10

    You lose REP when your false kick gets reported.

    (ignore colors)

    Window below takes place on the location of the votekick window.

    This message only appears to you.
    1. Is the user cheating with reportable evidence?
    2. Is the user intentionally breaking a rule (TOS, etc)?
    3. Is the user being toxic or vile in chat?
    If your reason does not match the validations above, cancel the kick.
    Abuse of this system will earn you penalties.
    [Y: Confirm] [N: Cancel]
    Your REP: [Good, neutral, or bad]

    ^There is a 3 second cooldown until you can confirm your kick. ^

    New votekick popup:

    Kick: [user]?
    Kicker: [user]
    [Dialogue A, B, or C goes here]
    [Y: Yes][U: Unsure][N: No]

    Dialogue A:
    Vote initiator is trusted.

    Dialogue B:
    Vote initiator may not be trusted, be careful with voting.

    Dialogue C:
    Vote initiator is not trusted, be careful with voting.
    The goal of this shorter suggestion is to simplify the addition with the intent of making it clear that abuse of the system has no toleration. It also is more transparent in the voting process. This will hopefully reduce the abuse.

    Please put suggestions below, I may change some things on this post. Feedback is appreciated.

  • I think rep should not be visible to players to avoid some ppl wanting to grind itfor some reason.
    Plus I kicked a ton of hackers and reported them with the Stylis bot and some didn't get banned. I don't know how many hackers are banned in the week of the report. But I like the idea in general !

  • Alistair_nat rep won't be shown as a number. It's just number calculations to determine if you're a trusted votekick starter.

    So yeah no votekick CEOs exist.

  • finna get my kdr exposed

  • also I dont think stylis records playtime

  • R E A S O N

  • I feel like it would be better for the system to revolve around the person being kicked rather than the initiator in my opinion. And also, when you lose rep the maximum additional percentage isn't 25% right?

  • Antifuse_00 The initiators are the ones abusing the system which explains why it mostly involves it. The rep bonuses/penalties will max out at +25% vote requirement and -25% vote requirement. It just needs to be very clear that initiators can't just kick someone for being good or whatever.

  • Wait who calcualtes if it wsa a false vk?

  • SteveTheIgnorant I’d assume an algorithm that detects if any 3rd party software was detected (eg esp, any aimbot, anything that makes an Intervention or M9 fire as fast as a Kriss Vector, not autoclicker if it aligns with the firecap of the gun in question or if it even shoots slower than the firecap, etc)

  • SteveTheIgnorant People normally report false votekicks with video evidence and such. I don't know what goes on behind StyLis so I cannot make a 100% suggestion that includes a foolproof and efficient way of detecting false votekicks.