Magnum Research BFR

  • Yes, I came around to working this suggestion up. Enter the BFR or Big Frame Revolver. This one's chambered for 45/70 gov't because why not!

    Name: BFR 45-70
    Caliber: 45/70 Gov't
    Capacity: 5
    Reserve ammo: 60 rounds
    Fire modes: Single action
    Velocity: 2300 Stud/s
    RoF: 120 RPM
    Damage: 60 -> 50
    Range: 50 max -> 80 min
    Head Mult. 3.0x
    Torso Mult. 1.5x
    Limb Mult. 1.0x
    Penetration: 1.0 studs

    Recoil?- Imagine the Deagle XIX. Pretty much that...

    Unique Modifications-
    Oh boy, this is going to be a LONG one.

    Stubby Barrel:
    Increases recoil catastrophically, dropping velocity but reducing weight and decreasing draw time and time to sight in.

    "You really, really need help dude."

    Vented Rib Barrel:
    Offers a lighter barrel, decreasing the time to draw and weight but slightly increasing recoil.

    "If the wind blows hard enough you can hear it whistle."

    Long Barrel:
    Decreases recoil, reduces spread, boosts velocity (5%?) while increasing draw and sight-in time. Increases weight.

    "Taking the term "Big Iron" quite literally."

    .410 Conversion:
    Loads 410 shot in a long cylinder. Stats are shared with the .410 conversion for Henry 45/70, ammo capacity is now 5/40.

    .500 S&W Conversion:
    Swaps out the cylinder for .500 S&W, still loads 5 rounds, but recoil is reduced slightly. Damage is changed to 70 -> 30 with the same range, but torso multiplier is removed. Ammo count is now 5/65

    "I mean, I guess this is fine too."

    .50 Beowulf Conversion:
    Swaps out the cylinder for one chambered in .50 Beowulf. Damage is now 60 -> 40, with a velocity of 1,700 stud/s and range of 65 -> 90. Ammo capacity is now 5/30

    30-30 Conversion:
    Swaps out the cylinder for one chambered in 30-30 winchester. Stats are shared with the 30-30 conversion for Henry, ammo count is now 5/75.

    .450 Marlin Conversion:
    Swaps out the cylinder for one chambered in .450 Marlin. Damage is 80 -> 40, with 1x multipliers and a range of 70 -> 130. Ammo count is now 5/55. Velocity is 2,200 studs/s.


    Animation quirks?
    Reloading the revolver is easy, though it also means no speedloader either-
    You first have to push open a "window" on the side, then let the loose spent cartridge fall out before replacing it with a fresh round regardless of caliber prior to turning the cylinder to the next chamber.

    Now, while I did rattle off a few conversions, it hardly covers all the possible conversions available to this gun. Luckily I only stuck to the "long cylinder" conversions, as the "short cylinder" model(s) are rather odd with an added special cylinder loading 6 shots for .44 MAG and .357 MAG, though again I'd rather stick with the conversions present here.

    Seriously, it's nice
    Give revolvers some love

    Also, the aforementioned window being open on the BFR for reloading.
    This also means no speedloaders

  • Also a comical video to prove that yes, despite all logic and reason, you can get a stubby barrel on this beast...

  • Isn’t damage a little low for something in .45/70, and its .500 S&W conversion?

    For reference, Henry .45/70 does 65-45 with a 1.55x torso and 2.4x head multiplier, and the Magnum revolvers tend to stick to ~60-30/35 damage with a 2.5x head and 1.4x torso multiplier. Also for reference, the Mk XIX DEag does 72-36 damage afaik with the same multipliers as the MP412, 1858 and the like.

    When balancing suggestions, make sure to cross reference with what’s already in the game so you have an idea as to how the gun will perform.

  • CamaroKidBB I just noticed that, though this was made while roblox servers were crapping themselves from the latest Adopt Me! Update. Stats have been touched up slightly.

  • KommandoKazumi Imagine if Adopt Me gets a billion ingame players over a new egg

  • ILost3Accounts I mean I hate it when that happens.

  • KommandoKazumi Yeah, like goddamn, why over a million players over a damn pet egg?

  • ILost3Accounts Because they are all brainwashed into wanting eggs, plus the game is a massive skinner's box fueled by microtransactions.

  • KommandoKazumi Not adopt me's fault

    ROBLOX needs to update those damn servers