the custom box mag for mg3, is it still available in the 18 october halloween update?

  • Nah, its gone

  • @steamed_ham32 The MG3KWS is actually deployed with 100-rd belts (or 120-rd disintegrating link belts) in a H&K drum in the LMG role iirc

    "The MG 3 feeds from the left side through a feed block using metal, 50-round continuous-link Patronengurt DM1 ammunition belts (which can be combined by cartridge) or disintegrating-link M13 or DM6 belts. In the light machine gun role, the MG 3 is deployed with a 100-round (or 120-round in case of disintegrating belts) belt fitted inside a synthetic ammunition drum developed by Heckler & Koch that is latched on to the left side of the receiver. The rear wall of the drum is transparent and serves as a visual indicator for the amount of ammunition available. The feed system operates through a feed arm that is housed in the feed cover. Two feed pawls are linked to the front end of the arm by an intermediate link and move in opposite directions, moving the belt in two stages as the bolt moves back and forward during firing. " - Wikipedia article on the MG3

  • Scrapped due to negative community feedback.

  • Well we know how stupid this community is.
    Ever heard of mobility? Plus it takes 10 seconds to reload that thing, that's slow for PF.

  • i'd be fine if they added the 100rd as a seperate conversion ammo with very weak damage

  • no
    it was fine before

  • tinywasabi loading weaker rounds might cause the recoil operation to not function, making the gun basically useless (weak damage and low rpm because you have to pull the bolt thing back (maybe, idk) after firing one shot).

    also what do you mean by very weak damage? <5?

  • People who whine about balance lol

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