I'm done.

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    This is it for me. After all the stuff I've seen happen to this community, I've realized there isn't even a point anymore.
    It was fun being here, I'll admit, but ever since we've switched forums, it's gotten worse. Also the toxicity went up by like 300% once Nums joined. And no, Nums, that isn't a dig at you.

    Allow me to cut to the chase:

    The bottom line is, I've had issues finding fun in ROBLOX, let alone PF. It simply isn't the same game that it used to be back when I played at age 6 in 2011. (insert smartass comment about rose-tinted glasses here) The simulator games have gotten out of hand for one, and also Roblox has gotten more commercial than ever before thanks to how easy it is to make a cash-grab game. So what did I do? I played PF. It was like one of the only decent games worth my time. But then stuff happened, and I got tired of the BS. So, I made a forum account to chat with all of the lovely members of the community that all somehow had a place.

    2 years later, this is where we're at.

    The one thing I valued about the other forum, community. That... is something that is completely gone now. From the looks of it, most of the influential forum members are gone, and replaced with moderators that get overly defensive when we point out flaws, and offer updates to the forum that promote censorship. (don't even attempt to give me any other excuse as to why downvotes were removed) Oh well.

    So, what does this mean for me? Simply put, I'm leaving. For good this time. And I have literally no plans to return, at least not within the next year. (insert Navy making a comment like "muh good riddance" here) I doubt anyone will miss me, but that isn't really the point.

    Here's the list of everyone I'd like to thank:

    Darkman_Bree, one of the most determined people I know. (feel free to dm on discord for a 1v1 date)
    Hellcat5, unkillable guy skilled in the art of pissing people off for the right reasons.
    @Guy_with_no_name fun to talk to for the wrong reasons.
    @joeolivia7 despite the different perspective of most people, fun to chat with.
    @CasualEgg chill kid. Literally one of the most neutral people I know.


    The entire Stylis forum moderation team for making me feel better about myself. I've gotten many good laughs, and I will get a few more in the event you permaban this account. Which should you do so, I'll create another dummy account, and another, and another. If you ban my IP, I'll change it.

    🤔 I guess this would mean I'm pulling a Hellcat???

    So yeah, all that being said, so long fellas. Maybe you'll see me on an alt in the future, who knows.

  • Admin

    Only responding because you mentioned me for some reason, seemingly thinking I have some kind of problem with you? Don't believe I've ever even interacted with you to begin with.

    Also why would you be banned? I don't see anything noteworthy in your post history as far as moderation goes.

  • @S1mplyTheHero

    Well, Good luck in life.
    I may send a DM if I have time and not sick, I'm contributing alot in my MC server now.

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    @S1mplyTheHero If you want a place to be, you can use the Forums Discord. ALL the forum vets are there. Let me know if you need a link or if you're already in there.

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    Navy I think he was making a joke about me. Which is good because I hold my moniker of the unkillable hellcat with pride.

  • Damnit Hellcat5 was gonna auto first but came back for no real reason

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    Hellcat5 A link would be great, thank you.

  • @S1mplyTheHero I am sorry if I was apart of the reason your leaving. I was never meaning to be toxic but I felt as if something had to be done. I don't feel as if I said anything toxic but I think it is a the fact that because of a single post I made (which I am not gonna mention), there are people who will look at all the posts I make and try to change the subject back to that, and then when I respond, people say "oh why are you talking about this again". I haven't really made any petty insults to people and any insults I have made had to do with the actions they made. I know that you aren't trying to dig into me but I would like to know what you are referring to when you say I was being toxic, so maybe I could explain, or better myself.

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    No, you didn't directly give me desire to want to leave. Rather, how I saw the moderators respond to your posts did. It changed that atmosphere entirely. It was the smoking gun that let me know the old forum was gone. Overall, don't believe you were the problem anyways. Maybe I didn't agree with what you said here and there, but I never expressed it, and I'm obviously not going to call you toxic for simply having a different opinion than me. If you really want to better yourself, I guess you could try not to post controversial things? But even then, the only thing you really said that some people might've thought was edgy was the furry thing.. so.

  • @S1mplyTheHero I agree with you. But when it comes to the controversial things, it isn't the only stuff I post. Even Hellcat5 has posted controversial stuff cause it is necessary sometimes. But what is necessary in this situation is my opinion I guess.

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    @S1mplyTheHero https://discord.gg/6zvaBw

  • You know you don't have to play roblox to use this forum. I only hop on roblox every few months or if somebody needs me to test something. I completely ignore what's actually going on on the platform

  • Hellcat5 wat about you near quiting I think I am

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    EnderEyesBlazing Nah, I've still got a few years left in me. If all else fails I'll stick exclusively to the feels megathread and my newly created underworld thread

  • Ight idk about me

  • @S1mplyTheHero What's your disc again

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    @S1mplyTheHero said in I'm done.:

    @CasualEgg chill kid. Literally one of the most neutral people I know.

    yo, that's me, you were a cool guy ngl, I'm going to miss you bro, what's your discord so that we can keep in touch?

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    WeebDoctor @soldierboy_1988, my Discord is ConnorTheHero2004 #4065.

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    Alright, I've joined the server. That being said, I have no plans to return to this forum for at least a year. If anyone wants to reach out to me, do so on discord.

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    Darkman_Bree whats ur mc server? ill join