On Weapon Details

  • Now, for a while, I've observed a struggle in getting some details on some of my weapons, especially on skins and reflectance sliders. And a good example of a problem is that, we barely have any options to color or apply skins on which part of the gun, like the Desert Eagle L5, which has been bugging me for a while, I can't seem to add reflectance to both the charging handle and the barrel. But the hand grip and barrel are put in one slot (Slot 2), which limits my customizability. And as for the reflectance, I can't seem to get it right, a shiny gray, metallic finish, but instead, I just get a bright blue reflection of the sky at day, I think it'd be nice to have an RGB customization of the tone of the reflection, without interfering with the color of the actual skybox, typically, a hidden and personal skybox that the reflectance would render than the main skybox, for short, a hidden-local skybox, only seen by your perspective. It sounds expensive in terms of performance, but it seems possible. I'm just not sure when or if it'll happen anytime soon. I hope it does, though. Phantom Forces has a mix of impressive graphics and gameplay, and I sure hope that customizability and variety adds to it. The picture below shows my conflict with my skin on the Desert Eagle L5, as you can see, I'm trying to make the barrel reflective like the charging handle, but I'm limited to it giving a black-polymer look as you see on the hand grip:


    What do you think? Hidden/Local skyboxes for reflections on skins, plus more options on applying skins? Vote here.

    - Custom-colored reflections/hidden, local skyboxes that are customizable in tone of color.
    - More slots/parts for skins on weapons. Based on attachments too.
    - No, keep it that way.

  • more slots so I can create a chrome AK (+ magazine) with a polymer handguard and grip

  • Better Graphics = Less Frames

  • Ikea Cat There's a reason why this "option" should be unequipped or disabled by default. I'd like to include that, sorry for any confusion.

  • WAY more slots
    for like each body part of the gun (stock, mag, etc.)

  • If Roblox added realtime reflections.