[KALI-9] A Series of Russian Gun Suggestions, Part 2!

  • - The Vityaz SMG, a modernised PP19 Bizon. Larger, and fires 9x19mm. A legendary gun.

    • The American-Russian Kali-9.
    • A new sidearm, the American-Russian KP-9. A Vityaz available in the U.S.A. for citizens! Semi-Auto.
    • The Tokarev Pistol, a 7.62x25mm 1930s Russian pistol! Don't ignore this one, there are too many USA pistols for the lack of old world pistols, honestly.

    I'm only doing one of these a day. Not every day, though.


    Oh god.
    "In California, it's illegal for guns to have logical design, and, in general, guns aren't allowed to be good. It's probably also illegal to be a great shot with the terrible guns. However, we noticed that some people have managed to make the Zip 22 viable. This time around, we are making sure you won't ever get a kill streak. A California compliant KR-9. It's surprisingly as good as it gets there."


    Stats (Subject to change, obviously):

    This gun is for those who don't think the Zip .22 is bad enough. This is a semi-auto "Carbine" which makes the Zip .22 look great!

    RPM: 180 (Firing too fast would make it an assault machine gun or whatever they call it over on the physical far left. Did I mention this is semi only? California doesn't care.)
    Muzzle Velocity: 1000 Studs/S
    Ammo: 10/20 (3 mags total, 30 rounds total, because who needs THAT many rounds to hunt!?)
    Penetration Depth: 0.01 Studs (It'll penetrate paper..!)
    Recoil Handling: Due to the lovely fin grip, this gun has recoil similar to the Redhawk .44 revolver. Still not that awful, though.
    Damage: 33 > 12 (Max 8SK at all ranges.)
    Range: 30 max > 60 min (Who needs to be THAT far away to hunt, anyway?)
    Rank: 300 (Because you need to be ultra-experienced and have 276 licenses to start using your first (terrible) guns and rifles!)


    Lets talk attachments.

    None. Literally none. You can NOT modify this gun in any way, or it'd be illegal. Who cares that this isn't California! We need at least one gun that even a rank 1000 couldn't use!


    Poll is at the top. Be honest.

  • You've made me realize how bad California gun laws actually are

  • 10-round mags because you can't actually use 30-rounders unless freedom week mag or some such. Also pretty sure closed bolt semi auto high rpm still doesn't meet the definition of machinegun in cali (iirc don't they just use federal definition or something?)

  • @T0x1cL Yes! (The 180 RPM thing is a joke for the sake of the gun, you can fire your gun however fast.)

  • PhantomSoldier It's slightly sarcastic. You can put sights on your Kali-9, but yes, their gun laws are immensely stupid. Can't have a pistol grip. Barrel needs to be a specific material in some cases. Can't have a folding or detachable stock. Do some reading about it, you'll be glad you don't live there.

  • so basically california does not have a second amendment

  • PhantomSoldier For the most part, no. I don't know how they get away with it..

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