Darkman's gun review - SCAR-H

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    The SCAR-H is a Belgian battle rifle, the heavy version of the SCAR-L using 7.62x51mm NATO!
    It is unlocked at Rank 30!

    One of the first things you will notice is a strong recoil, This is the Battle Rifle catagory, all guns there will have a strong recoil without attachments.
    Luckily for this weapon, attachments can tame this weapon's recoil pretty well!

    Next up is the damage, this gun deals 42 -> 29 damage, that is high! It even has a x1.1 torso multiplier!
    Then there is the RPM, It fires at 600 RPM, which is equal to the AK47, A slow fire rate, but this is what makes the recoil still usable.
    This gun has a good muzzle velocity, a great range, powerful penetration and good suppression, pretty much what you expect from a proper battle rifle!

    In class, this gun has the 2nd fastest reload of the Battle Rifles, only being beaten by the Beowulf ECR.

    Much like the SCAR-L, the iron sights of this weapon are bad, hard to see through, It is recommended to equip a different optic when you get the chance!


    7.62x39 Conv.

    Changes your ammo to 7.62x39mm and uses AK47 30 round magazines.
    Basically acts as an Extended Magazine for your SCAR-H but with weaker bullets, only dealing 37.5 -> 24 damage now and no torso multiplier.

    Muzzle velocity is increased, Max range is decreased but min range increased!

    Remember when I said the SCAR-H has the RPM of the AK47? Well this pretty much makes it even more of an AK47!


    The SCAR-H has some unique attachments being the Short Barrel, Long Barrel, Hera CQR Grip, Remove Stock, Retract Stock and 7.62x39 Conv.
    Since this gun uses 7.62x51mm NATO, this gun has access to the Silent ammo!

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • DDHB Reflex
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default


    • Used to be classified in an old catagory called "Marksman Rifles"
      • DMR's and Battle Rifles were combined in that catagory.
      • When the catagory was split, the SCAR-H remained the only battle rifle for a while until the AG-3 was added!

    My opinion on this gun

    The SCAR-H is a great battle rifle.
    I always like Belgian weapons and I love Battle Rifles, so this is a great combination!
    This is really a recommender if you get the right attachments, I love using this!

    I rate this gun a 9.5/10!

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  • LOL that signature @Ikea-Cat

  • Darkman_Bree said in Darkman's gun review - SCAR-H:

    Changes your ammo to 7.62x39mm
    weaker bullets

    Speaking my language

  • Have you tried Silent and Oil Filter on the SCAR-H?

    Silent af

  • use that setup but mc51sd CamaroKidBB

  • basically a 20rd ak47

  • Realized what?


  • billie jean yes

  • this gun needs a buff to be at least comparable to the AK47 (AK47 is the same thing except having a 30rnd mag), and you could argue about the recoil, but an experienced player can easily control it.

  • @Ikea-Cat Can't you just use the SCAR SSR instead?

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