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    Full change-log here!

  • More shortened attachment names?


    • I prefered the previous M79 firing sound before this update.
    • Type 58 is gonna be fun, I'm really gonna grind for that one!
    • MG3KWS Heavy Bolt might be too accurate with the right attachments, maybe look into that, Here's the attachment combo:
      • Muzzle Brake
      • Stubby Grip
      • Heavy Bolt
    • SPAS-12 Pump Action is kinda fun, I can use it when I'm bored and feel like using pump actions for better spread.
    • G36K buff might satisfy some people now calling the G36K useless.
    • KS-23M deserved that.
    • Type 88 regular mag being moved to Ammo can now make me an even lower recoil loadout, thx Mar!
    • I think I can use the Straight Pull Bolt now.
      • It makes the rechamber animation really janky and robotic though when not scoped and standing still, maybe add some very little animation in it, but not overdo it so your scope stays on screen, The Hecate is the worst offender of this.
      • The Mosin with iron sights and Straight Pull makes you punch your own face every rechamber.

  • Type 58 conversion doesn't remove the helical mag holder part of the barrel despite not having the type 58 not having one

    Straight pull bolt still has turnbolt animation, but pretty nice that you can now stay scoped in without the thing going black
    SPAS12 Pump Action: New sniper shotgun, nice. Also, if scoped in using blackscope and not scoping out, doesn't play the pump animation. (https://youtu.be/ANMNrEzO4NY)
    Thumper sounds too low pitched for me

    • pleased to see KS-23M min damage nerf
    • G36K changes are good as the gun actually feels like it has a purpose now... would like to see some damages changes to the g36c in the future maybe?
    • Mosin/Obrez extended mag changes are great
    • like changes to the straight pull bolt... also for the attachment name I'm not sure why it is s. bolt pull rather than s. pull bolt
    • spas pump attachment is pretty fun to use and makes a good alternative playstyle
    • MG3KWS heavy bolt I'd really rather not have it at all... the MG3K imo doesn't have an extreme amount of recoil to start with, and lowering it further is not something I'm a huge fan of, despite lowering rpm. If it is to be kept in the game, the gun's default recoil would suit it better (i.e. before equipping bolt), and the recoil without the bolt may need to be a little higher than it is now.

    as always these are just my opinions

  • Please just stop adding conversions it getting too much especially when a lot of them are not even better just add conversions to weapons people do not use at all and just straight up remove all shotgun conversions

  • tommy1709 Complain more, boy.

  • Do you think with the magazines that you can add a think where bullet fed weapons, such as the MG3, HK21, and others, visibly have bullets disappear when reaching the last bullets in the magazine instead of the current?

    At the same time, what about the different ammo types of different calibers, such as Armor Piercing Incendiary rounds? Or simply just Incen' rounds?

  • Howling Raven extendos aren’t detachable tho...

  • Please organise the sights better jesus like seperate irons with actual sights (you know what i mean) remove short barrels maybe nerf flechette a bit and mar the saiga-12 auto conversion nerf remove it from others to ammo to nerf it s-12 auto + flechette kinda op

  • DvaSong_Roblox
    Sights are already organized by kills, though I see what you mean.
    Why remove short barrel? I think it serves a purpose, especially when combined with Retract/Remove Stock.
    Flechette is already nerfed, and almost fucking pointless.
    Again, Flechette is fucking pointless now, so why should Saiga auto be nerfed more to accomodate for an already pointless ammo type?

  • CamaroKidBB they are just angry that shotguns are not nerfed into oblivion, with Saiga being the start of something greater. Personally, I see that as rather pointless, even as the KS-23M is nerfed slightly with the min damage being dropped by 2 points of damage.

  • KommandoKazumi That 2 points of damage did impact the KS-23M, now you need to hit 6 pellets at long distances instead of 5

    • spas 12 fits in with the pump action very well even with the tight spread its not a replacement attachment more of a different option to use the spas
    • g36k buff was needed and it hit the spot
    • straight pull bolt is a good option now
    • type 58 is a nice playstyle change to the type88 high horizontal recoil for the price of standard mag and 41 damage
      *mg3 heavy bolt is a great attachment only problem is its accuracy but i feel like its rpm reduction was the good trade off
    • after playing a game on otherworld I got a question about the gate next to hill is it supposed to have collision? because you can just walk through them but overall the map fits the movement very well

  • Allow us to turn off sound effects of somethings like ZERO CUTTER or CHOSEN ONE in the setting

  • tanzanites are really fun to use

  • Mardemon1, the 6.5 Creedmore SSR doesn't one tap HS at all ranges

  • the purpose is to extend the one tap HS range not make it one HS all ranges

  • Antifuse_00 said in TEST PLACE UPDATE 10/2/20 FEEDBACK:

    the purpose is to extend the one tap HS range not make it one HS all ranges

    I agree with the 6.5mm intent, but with a 50% reduction in pen-depth, which ended up being the main reason I didn't use it, and it also reduced the RPM by 10%.

    I don't think these need to be changed since the ability of 2 shot/kill in range1 has been lost.

  • can we have tommy buff min damage here looks so bad now

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