Whitworth Rifle

  • Finally! A weapon that lets you blast people so hard they get sent back in time to be executed by a firing line on the black powder battlefield! Enter the Whitworth Rifle: A musket that uses hexagonal rifling and hexagonal bullets to get accuracy comparable to more modern weapons... In 1860.

    Name: Whitworth Rifle
    Caliber: .451 Whitworth (think 45 ACP, but hexagonal and black powder.)
    Capacity: 1
    Reserve ammo: 70
    Fire modes: Percussion lock
    Velocity: 1,600 Stud/s
    RoF: 5 RPM (It's a musket. What'd you expect?)
    Damage: 80 -> 70
    Range: 1000 max -> 2400 min
    Head Mult. 1.8x
    Torso Mult. 1.5x
    Limb Mult. 1.0x
    Penetration: 2.0 studs

    Recoil?: If the video is anything to go by, quite low. Though the massive cloud of smoke from shooting would be rather annoying to deal with after every shot.

    Accuracy: Think M107 or Hecate II. Dead on accuracy when scoped/sighted in.

    Unique modifications:
    Volley sights-
    Flips up the volley sights for long-range shooting. I mean, they are there. May as well put them to good use anyways, no?

    Malcom 6x scope-
    Yea, that scope. From the Henry 45-70.

    Minne Ball-
    Swaps out the standard hexagonal bullet for a minne ball. Cuts down on reload to enable an ROF of 10 RPM, but also drops damage multipliers to 1.3x for the head and 1.3x for the torso. Velocity is the same.

    Mods that won't work on this gun:
    Any and all modern muzzle devices, really.

    Weird animation quirks:
    Hehe, musket go boof. I suppose the reload would be using a paper cartridge of powder in this case followed up with a hex bullet (or a minne ball) getting shoved down the barrel.

    Images! And videos!
    Here she is
    Aint she nice?
    I want one
    Stylis, please?

  • Absolutely.

  • Interesting gun idea, but I don’t find people would use it much. As well it doesn’t fit with the theme of phantom forces “advanced tactical warfare”. Muzzle loaders have been suggested numerous times in the past and like the bow, crossbow, and other old themed weapons, have yet to see any consideration by the developers. That I’ve seen atleast. So as much as I’d love to have a muzzle loader I think chances of these guns are slim.

  • What about a 4x Davidson scope (Confederate Sniper Whitworth rifle)

    also the bullet is more like this i think:whitworthbullet.png

  • KommandoKazumi said in Whitworth Rifle:

    Range: 1000 max -> 2400 min

    Hol’ up...

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