Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Revolver

  • Yea, that's a mouthful. Er... Why not just .600 Nitro Express Revovler? Or just .600 NE Revolver! Ha! Anyways, here's the suggestion.

    Imagine, if you will, a revolver that could act as a primary weapon only due to the sheer power alone. The recoil won't be too horrid though the ammo capacity really makes things harsh as a way to balance the sheer damage and likely penetration. I bring you the biggest iron.

    Name: PZ .600 (or .600 NE Revolver... Or PZ Revolver...)
    Caliber: .600 Nitro Express
    Capacity: 5 rounds
    Reserve ammo: 30 rounds
    Fire modes: Single action
    Velocity: 2050 Stud/s
    RoF: 100 RPM
    Damage: 90 -> 70
    Range: 50 max -> 90 min
    Head Mult. 1.5x
    Torso Mult. 1.2x
    Limb Mult. 1.0x
    Penetration: 2.5 studs

    Recoil?: So you know how hard the SFG kicks with a muzzle booster? Basically that.

    Accuracy: Akin to the 1858 New Army as well. I never said it was meant to be dead on accurate from afar.

    Unique modifications:
    .458 WinMag Conversion-
    Changes the gun to shoot the powerful .458 WinMag round. Changes the ammo capacity to 5/35, bullet velocity is changed to 2,600 stud/s but penetration is dropped to 1.5 studs with damage being lowered to 80 -> 50 and range is changed to 60 max -> 100 min. Head multiplier is increased to 1.3x.

    "A slightly weaker round from the same heavy gun. I'm not sure there really is a point behind this."

    .600NE Fused Core-
    Okay, so 2.5 studs of pen isn't enough. How about 3 studs of penetration, with double the recoil! These rounds are effectively heavy slugs with a solid core of copper.

    "Some problems aren't solved with just some gun. So, you use more gun. Or in this case, more power."

    Mods that won't work on this gun:
    Well... It won't have a long barrel, as the gun is already the heaviest thing that would be going into the secondary slot. Also as it is a revolver, suppressors won't work either. Not that they could tame the power of .600 nitro express or .458 WinMag anyways.

    Weird animation quirks:
    I mean, it's similar to the 1858 new army revolver. Just that due to the sheer weight it would have a longer reload. Not to mention these .600 NE rounds are massive too! And the .458 WinMag rounds are no better.

    .600 Nitro Express, for reference-
    This is a beast killer

    And the gun, of course-
    And the gun for reference
    Father and son bonding at the range
    Its a monster alright
    And a nice glam shot

  • Is that a pistol or artillery ?

  • It should have a torso and head multi to start and be able to 1hk to head always, and body for 80 studs so first shot precision is important. Recoil would shred your wrists and literally point you at the highest possible recoil per shot, and it won’t recenter.

  • Aniconic Yea, I was rather clueless on the mult. given it's a mini BFG. But I suppose literally anything higher than 1x would garner a one shot kill up to it's minimum range.

    ... So I added multipliers.

  • Also as it is a revolver, suppressors won't work either.

    Nagant M1895 noises

  • YES.

  • T0x1cL Until I can find a suppressor that will work on this monster, this won't get any. But at least it can use a muzzle brake if the devs decide to allow it to equip such a thing.

  • KommandoKazumi Most revolvers inherently can’t be suppressed due to most revolvers not having a sealed chamber. It’s also why it’s a bad idea to place your off hand on a foregrip on a revolving rifle.

  • CamaroKidBB Huh. TIL. So I suppose the suppressor ban for this monster really is sensible!

  • Holy, What in the bloody FAL is that?!?

  • KommandoKazumi This can't use suppressors (most can't, actually).

    But some revolvers can because they have gas seal, like Nagant revolver.

  • T0x1cL Is there a list of revolvers that have a gas seal?

  • ILost3Accounts Well the Nagant revolver would be one. Sorta.