Darkman's gun review - TYPE 88

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    The Type 88 is a North Korean knock off version of the AK74 fit with a helical magazine using 5.45x39mm!
    It is unlocked at Rank 122!

    This weapon carries a 75 round helical magazine, Tons of firepower, Use it to mow down multiple enemies before you have to reload, Reloading takes a while though so don't reload in the middle of combat!

    Out of all the AK's (not including AK12's) this is the weakest AK variant in the game, only dealing 34 -> 20 damage, It is just enough to 3 hit kill at close range and 5 hit kill at long range!
    Compared to the AK74, the maximum range is slightly longer by 5 studs, but the minimum range is much shorter, 0.1 less penetration depth, but almost double the suppression, More than the 7.62x39mm AK's!

    The recoil of this weapon is where the weapon suffers in, While it does not have much vertical recoil, it has a ton of horizontal recoil, Not even attachments can make this completely stable unfortunately.

    Much like the other AK's, the iron sights of this weapon are clean and very easy to use!


    Reg. Mag.

    In the Ammo section, you can find a free attachment that removes your helical magazine and replaces it with a standard 30 round box magazine.

    This will reduce recoil significantly while also increasing aim speed, walk speed and reload speed!
    You even get to keep your 150 ammo reserve, giving you pretty much an AK74 with more ammo.


    7.62 Conv.

    Turns your Type 88 into the Type 58!

    Increases damage to 41 -> 28, becoming powerful like the AK47, but also makes it increase RPM by 50 making it fire faster than the AK47!
    Penetration depth, suppression, damage range, aim speed and walk speed are increased!
    Muzzle velocity is lowered and recoil increased, but with a nice loadout, it actually stays pretty accurate!

    Much like the Reg. Mag, this decreases your magazine capacity back to 30, spare ammo to 120 and reloads faster!


    The Type 88 has quite some unique attachments: Short Barrel, Long Barrel, Hera CQR Grip, Retract Stock, Remove Stock, Full Stock, Reg. Mag. and 7.62 Conv.!
    Since this gun fires 5.45x39mm, this gun has access to the Super Armor P. ammo type.
    The Long Barrel will give this weapon a RPK barrel with bipod, but the bipod is unusable.
    Grips are mounted on the side of this weapon.
    Combining a Full Stock and Reg. Mag. or 7.62 Conv will almost turn your gun into the AK74 or AK47!

    If you wish to use a Suppressor, don't... All of them will decrease your hits to kill, and the Muffler/Oil Filter will make your already slow RPM worse.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • Compensator
    • Stubby Grip
    • Full Stock
    • Default

    If you want lower recoil, Use Reg. Mag., do note you will lose your 75 Helical Magazine with that.


    • Used to be named Type 88-2 before it was renamed, it is unknown why since that is the correct name of the gun.
      • Full Stock attachment renamed it to Type 88.

    My opinion on this gun

    This gun is hated by the community because of the recoil along with the weak damage.
    It is also hated because it is another AK and is a helical magazine weapon that came before the PP-19 Bizon.

    However, I like this weapon, it gives a special vibe to me, infact, I like this over the PP-19 Bizon, but that's my opinion.
    Once you get a good loadout, the recoil isn't really that bad anymore.

    I rate this gun a 8/10!

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    by the way,

    Darkman_Bree said in Darkman's gun review - TYPE 88:

    This gun is hated by the community because of the recoil along with the weak damage.
    It is also hated because it is another AK and is a helical magazine weapon that came before the PP-19 Bizon.

    Wouldn't say it's "hated", it hasn't even come out yet.

  • @steamed_ham32 I don’t hate it either, but it’s not my first choice in crowd control due to its downright shitty TTK.

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    PhantomSoldier Well, I've seen alot of hate towards it, which is also the reason the PP-19 came.

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    Edited review due to test place update.
    New conversion!

  • ok

  • I'm pretty sure it was designed more around hip firing then ads like the colt smg so uh... Can't really fault the recoil when it's the same deal.

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    Just found out 7.62 Conv. for this weapon increases RPM to 650, added to review.

  • Wait it does? Ok..

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    I respect your review of this gun because it's SEVERELY underrated also I have pretty much the same setup except with a Coyote Sight and a Regular Mag

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    Also, this gun needs a recoil buff
    A buff in a good way, (Like the recoil is toned down not increased), not a bad way

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