Gun Record Competition!

  • This is a competition where you try to beat one of the gun records listed below! The deadline for this competition is on FRIDAY. Whoever beats a record will have their name shown next to the record that they beat! Some records may be left blank. You can win multiple records (but be nice)! The winner of the competition will get a prize!

    Pick one of the records listed below, reply to this topic and state what record you beat and a photo for proof. You must send a photo and it must be a gun.
    To refute another record, reply to another user's reply and state that you refuted it and send a photo. This makes it easier for me to locate.

    You guys are killing me: Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 10.40.24 AM.png
    Highest RoF: Darkman_Bree [G11K2 2268RPM]
    Lowest RoF: T0x1cL [BFG 50 13.6 RPM]
    Highest Damage: T0x1cL [KS-23M 111DMG]
    Lowest Damage: Darkman_Bree [ZIP 22 2DMG]
    Highest Damage Secondary: T0x1cL [M79 Thumpher/SFG 50 100DMG]
    Highest Max Range: Darkman_Bree [Intervention 150Studs]
    Lowest Max Range: VitaminCon [MAC 10 8Studs]
    Highest Min Range: CamaroKidBB [BFG 50 350Studs]
    Lowest Min Range: T0x1cL [ZIP 22 54Studs] VitaminCon [ZIP 22 45.9Studs] T0x1cL [Saiga-12U 41.65Studs] VitaminCon Saiga-21U 37.7Studs]
    Highest Suppression: CamaroKidBB [Mosin/Obrez 7.5Suppresion]
    Lowest Suppression: CamaroKidBB [BFG/SFG 0Suppresion]
    Highest Muzzle Velocity: T0x1cL [BFG 50 6300Studs s/s]
    Lowest Muzzle Velocity: T0x1cL [M79 558Studs s/s]
    Highest Penetration: KommandoKazumi [BFG 50 20Studs]
    Lowest Penetration: CamaroKidBB [BFG/SFG 0Studs]
    Highest Headshot Multiplier: T0x1cL [Various 3x]
    Lowest Headshot Multiplier: VitaminCon [KSG 12 1.1x]
    Highest Torso Multiplier: VitaminCon [Hecate II 1.8]
    Lowest Torso Multiplier: VitaminCon [Shotguns 0.9x]
    Highest Accuracy: VitaminCon [Scar SSR 99]
    Lowest Accuracy: VitaminCon M107 10]
    Highest Hip Recoil: Alistair_nat [RPK 0]
    Lowest Hip Recoil: Alistair_nat [MP7 99]
    Highest ADS Recoil: VitaminCon [STEVENS DB 0]
    Lowest ADS Recoil: VitaminCon [Dragunov SVDS 90]
    Highest Visible Recoil: T0x1cL [Deagle]
    Lowest Visible Recoil:
    Highest Mag Capacity: T0x1cL [MG36 100Rounds]
    Highest Zoom Scope: VitaminCon [SAGITTARIUS 40x]
    Lowest Zoom Scope: T0x1cL [Leupold M6 1x]
    Highest Rank Gun: T0x1cL [G11K2 Rank 211]
    Fastest Reload: Darkman_Bree [Serbu Shotgun 1.2SEC]
    Slowest Reload: Darkman_Bree [M60 8.1SEC] PhantomSoldier [KSG-25 36.4SEC]
    Fastest ADS speed: CamaroKidBB [M4A1 28.512]
    Slowest ADS speed: CamaroKidBB [Hecate II 3.3592]
    Fastest Aiming speed: T0x1cL [Obrez 19.8]
    Slowest Aiming speed:
    Fastest Semi-Auto: VitaminCon [Kriss Vector 1296RoF]
    Slowest Semi-Auto: VitaminCon [Henry 45-70 90RoF] T0x1cL [Dragunov SVDS 51 Rof
    Fastest TTK: T0x1cL [Various Weapons 0SEC]
    Slowest TTK: T0x1cL [KS-23M 1.84SEC]
    Fastest Recoil Recovery: VitaminCon [M1911]
    Slowest Recoil Recovery: VitaminCon [M107 4.9875]
    Fastest Movement Speed: Darkman_Bree [PPSH-41 15.76875WKSP]
    Slowest Movement Speed: CamaroKidBB [M107 10WKSP]
    Longest Gun: Darkman_Bree [Hecate II]
    Shortest Gun: Darkman_Bree [Redhawk 44]
    Tallest Gun: CamaroKidBB [ZIP 22] T0x1cL [AUG A1]
    Shortest(Vertically) Gun: T0x1cL [Sawed Off]
    Loudest Gun: KommandoKazumi [BFG 50 169dB]
    Quietest Gun: Darkman_Bree [MC51S 42.0dB]
    Most Hated Gun: Darkman_Bree [BFG 50 4 Hates] T0xicL [BFG 50 5 Hates]
    Most Liked Gun:
    Most Cursed Gun (Explain):
    Most Lasers on a Gun: Darkman_Bree [7 Lasers]
    Most STK Gun: T0x1cL [ZIP 22 50SHOTS]
    Most Sights on a Gun: IndominusBaz [Dragunov SVDS 4Sights]
    Most Kills with a Gun: T0x1cL [1600] VitaminCon [3440] IndominusBaz [4114]
    Most Guns in a Family: CamaroKidBB [AK Family]
    Most Unique Attachments Available on a Gun: T0x1cL [M79 Thumper 7]
    Ugliest Gun: IndominusBaz [Obrez With Donut Skin]
    Best Default Iron Sights: IndominusBaz [AG3]
    Worst Default Iron Sights: IndominusBaz [M231]
    Best Anime Sight on a Gun: Alistair_nat [P90] T0x1cL [TRG-42 Anti Sight]
    Best Overall Gun (Explain):
    Number of Guns with Default Suppresor: IndominusBaz [8]
    Gun With Most Tan By Default: Alistair-nat [M107]
    Gun With Most Green By Default: Alistair_nat [Remington 700]
    Gun With Most Brown By Default:
    Gun With Most Silver By Default:
    Gun With Most Black By Default: Alistair_nat [Intervention]
    Gun With Most Orange By Default:
    Gun That Will Get You Ban (Send Proof):

    Golden Gun
    If you get this right you win the whole thing. ONLY ONE TRY!

    Ikea Cat's Favorite Gun:
    Darkman_Bree's Favorite Gun:


    1. T0x1cL [19]
    2. VitaminCon [14]
    3. Darkman_Bree [9] and CamaroKidBB [9]
    4. IndominusBaz [7]
    5. Alistair_nat [5]
    6. KommandoKazumi [2]
    7. PhantomSoldier [1]

    I will update the list when I get more ideas. If I wrongfully put a name for a record that has been refuted, please remind me! Good Luck!

  • are test place stuffs included?

  • @KhangGoRoblox Yes

  • RobloxScreenShot20200928_172202871.png

    My UZI with 99 hipfire for the best hipfire.

  • RobloxScreenShot20200928_172710461.png

    My ugly RPK for the lowest hipefire with 0 (I good luck doing worse lol).

  • BFG 50 Oil Filter, 13.6 RPM (Lowest RoF)
    KS-23M Birdshot, 35.15161.14=641.136 damage (all pellets hit, headshot) (Highest damage)
    KS-23M Slug, 111 damage (Highest damage, per pellet/bullet/slug)
    MG36, 100 rounds (Highest mag capacity, not counting M60, HK21, HK51B because they're not fed by a magazine but by an ammunition belt)

  • Time to claim records!

    Most hated gun:


    Quietest gun:


    Most lasers on a gun:


    Slowest reload:



    Fastest reload:

    Serbu Shotgun


    Highest RoF:

    2268 RPM Burst G11K2.
    Or if you count INSTANT BURST from the Stevens DB and Sawed Off, sure.


    Shortest gun:

    Redhawk 44 with Snubnose


    Longest gun:

    Hecate II with Long Barrel


    Lowest damage:

    2 dmg ZIP 22 with Rat Shot.


    Fastest movement speed:

    PPSH-41 with Obrez barrel, Remove Stock and 35rd Box mag.


  • Darkman_Bree wait, SCAR HAMR with 100rd mags +OITC? doesn't the HAMR come with 50-round drum mags instead of 100-round beta-c mags? and isn't the 9mm conversion open bolt?

    also I posted slowest rof, highest mag capacity, and highest damage

  • T0x1cL The SCAR HAMR can reach to 100 + 1 using 9mm Conv. in the Test Place, I forgot to mention it though.

  • Oh no! It seems like I can't edit. Help me!

  • Ikea Cat I think you need more reputation. (aka upvotes)

    Also, I remembered the JUGGUN had a 250 round belt mag, so that busts the highest mag capacity.

  • Darkman_Bree EVERYONE UPVOTE SO I CAN EDIT!!! Also you need a picture.

  • Ikea Cat Juggun has been out of the game for a while.
    I don't know if I have pictures left of that, might've been left in an old Test Place News on the old forums.

  • Ikea Cat (relevant as of TP)
    Highest Min Range: BFG 50 w/ Long Barrel (350 studs)
    Highest Suppression: Mosin/Obrez w/ 8mm Conversion (7.5)
    Lowest Suppression: BFG/SFG 50 w/ .17 Wildcat (0)
    Lowest Penetration: BFG/SFG 50 w/ .17 Wildcat (0 studs)
    Fastest ADS Speed: M4/M4A1 w/ No/Retract Stock, Short Barrel, and Skeleton Grip (28.512)
    Slowest ADS Speed: Hecate II (3.3592)
    Slowest Movement Speed: M107 (10)
    Tallest Gun: ZiP 22 w/ Pro Mag
    Shortest Gun: Sawed Off/Stevens DB
    Most Guns in a Family: 12 (AK Classic, counting Grozas), 18 assuming every last AK is counted.

  • CamaroKidBB I'm sorry but you need to include a photo.

  • "Highest Penetration"
    Crazy really

    Ikea Cat I checked with other guns btw, this is the absolute highest possible even with "super AP" on other guns.

  • Ikea Cat Also loudest gun. This stupid BFG, since the BFG is already the loudest in-game. This is... Deafening.
    My ears are bleeding

  • KommandoKazumi For some reason I have an error loading the image. Can you try using another format.

  • Ikea Cat Strange, the images load for me. I can host them on imgur though unless the problem is already fixed.

  • KommandoKazumi Imgur also doesn't work for me for some reason. Try taking a screenshot.