.45-70 +P, and .30-30 Winchester ammo types

  • This is a bug report for the aforementioned ammo types available for the Henry 45-70 in-game. Of course, this is also using the conversion of stud/s = feet/s which has also been used in my previous gun suggestions.

    .45-70 +P in-game is currently sitting at 2400 stud/s (or 2400 fps)
    .30-30 in-game is currently sitting at 1500 stud/s (or 1500 fps)

    However, per gundata.org and a quick search for the most likely analog available for .45-70 +P, I was able to scrape up these numbers with sources listed below in order of appearance.

    .45-70 +P: 2735 stud/s (or 2735 fps)
    .30-30: 2373 stud/s (or 2373 fps)


    Noting the odd numbers once could just round them up to 2740 stud/s (+P) and 2370 stud/s (30-30) if need be.

    Additionally, the nerf to the ammo reserves for using .45-70 +P (50 -> 35) is rather unnecessary even with the proposed buff to velocity (as part of this bug report).

    Hopefully, the changes are considered, evaluated, and accepted given the evidence presented in the end.

    Note that all feedback is referring to the "current" patch of test server (which is 5.2.0xyz or 9/25/2020) and hence in-game values may be bound to changes in the future.

  • Banned

    could be a balance issue so its not a better mosin

  • steamed_ham32 Damage is irrelevant to the given bug report, along with the fact that Mosin would still hold superior multipliers to the torso and head at all ranges.

  • The bullet speed would be nice because it'd increase usage of the Henry as not a lot of people use the Henry aside from those who willing to use it (which is not a lot).

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