Darkman's gun review - AKM

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    The AKM was a modernized AK47 for it's time, sure there are more modern AK's now.
    It is unlocked at Rank 94!

    The AKM has very similar stats to the AK47, however recoil is reduced, long range damage is slightly stronger but short range damage is slightly weaker.
    A better recoil control means you can use this rifle better at longer distances than the AK47, keep in mind of the low muzzle velocity though.

    This weapon is also slightly better at hipfire.

    Much like the AK47 and AK74, the iron sights are clean and easy to use!

    .366 (Buckshot)

    The AKM has the ability to use .366 TKM ammo, this will rename your gun to VPO-209!
    Your AKM will be locked in Semi but will now act like a semi automatic shotgun firing at 350 RPM max, 24 close range damage and 20 long range damage with 8 pellets per shot!
    This means this version of the VPO-209 compared to the AK47 is weaker at close, but stronger at long range!
    Your magazine capacity is reduced to 10 and ammo reserve to 50!

    Wall penetration and Suppression are reduced dramatically while max range is reduced slightly.
    Recoil is also increased dramatically, so be careful when firing, even at close range where shotguns shine this can still be a problem, It has lower recoil than the AK47!

    .366 (Slugs)

    Much like the Buckshot conversion, this will reduce your magazine capacity to 10 and ammo reserve to 40 while also locking it in Semi firemode firing at 437.5 RPM.
    However, with the Slugs, you do have 3.0 Suppression and 2.0 Wall Penetration this time.

    Damage is increased to 70 -> 50 and fires only 1 pellet, Headshots will deal 160.3 -> 114.5 damage, Meaning you can 1 tap headshot at any range, if that does not work, you can also 2 tap bodyshot at any range!
    Keep in mind that muzzle velocity is reduced and there is choke, so your shots have RNG spread at long range.
    This conversion also grants you a +20% torso multiplier.

    Be careful of the high recoil though, and once again, this conversion has RNG spread, so it is not a 100% accurate DMR.


    The AKM has the unique attachments as the AK47, which are the Short Barrel, Romanian Grip, Hera CQR Grip, Collapsible Stock, Retract Stock, Remove Stock, .366 (Buckshot) and .366 (Slugs)
    The Collapsible Stock provides no stat changes and is purely cosmetic.

    If you wish to use a Suppressor, any will do, none of them will give a harsh loss of damage.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • OKP-7
    • Compensator
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default

    Replace the Stubby Grip with an Angled Grip if you are using the .366 (Buckshot) conversion, Angled Grips are recommended for shotgun type guns, it provides a stable reduction in recoil!
    Use a scope if you wish to use .366 (Slugs).


    • Nothing that I can think of.

    My opinion on this gun

    It's an improved AK47, what can I say?
    While the AK47 was hard to use for me back in Beta, the AKM wasn't and became another one of my meta guns.
    This gun is very recommended to anyone!

    I give this gun a solid 10/10!

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    I also took the time to update all the previous reviews with the new balance changes and attachment names.
    It was quite alot.

  • ak-47 is kind of better because better damage, and the akm has weird recoil

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