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    Full change-log here!

  • Any chances that there will be some Chinese weapons, the SAR-21 (Singaporean), more WWII weapons such as the Kar98k, or of the like?

    At the same time, I find it often very cluttered to look for sights in the new massive list of all of them. Could there be another sub category containing iron sights, close range, med range, and long range?

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    • M79 Sponge changes are really well done, finally it can become a true pocket sniper.
      • However, Exotic Slugs seems to be still a straight upgrade from this, except for reserve ammo.
    • The Taurus Barrel and Stock for the Judge and Executioner are perfection! They are finally useful!
    • Why did the Judge's flechette's damage0 get nerfed while the Jury's flechette stays intact?
    • I'm actually considering using .375 CheyTac now, that's good!
    • Really happy with the Obrez and Obrez long barrel changes!
    • Good idea to shorten the attachment names, some of them had weird names.
    • The VPO's are still usable, that's good!

  • The new SVDS ammo, I feel is kinda broken. I recommend to actually lower the RPM just a tiny bit, also maybe not add another LMG Shotgun. That is how I feel about the new update in Test Place.

  • Nice update with the vpo conversions, but the speedreloader , why make it slower on semi full when its literally called the speedreloader, sending some mixed signals

  • the Henry .30-30 is great, thanks for adding it

  • Love the Henry 30-30, like a 45-70 lite. 410 conversion is still good too!

    -Found a few easter eggs on Peak. Love the signs* too. And I LOVE that small detail with the vents being hidden from view. Nice!
    *The signs in Russian say things like "DANGER. NO EATING YOUNG DOGS" or "ATTENTION. THIS SIGN MEANS NOTHING." though there are two hidden ones that simply say "DANGER".

    -I like that the windows are now open on the temple in KOTH Ghost Town. Lovely, really.

    -Bounce pads on Collapse are a nice touch.

    -Mirage remake is still a dumpster fire, given the poor design is a vertical and horizontal maze pandering excessively to CQC to the point of exclusively restricting combat to within 100 studs. Sniping, even with SLAP ammo, is borderline impossible.

    -Rig FT is coming along nicely but it's still lacking verticality. Also, the grenade trap near the hill zone (KOTH) is prone to bugging out grenades as the glass refuses to break. This results in grenades sliding sideways off the map or clipping through the seemingly indestructible glass. Yet, if you shoot it, it breaks.

  • My one-hit headshot SVU is back... yeeeeeeees... >:D

    • AA-12 semi conversion feels more balanced with the changes
    • .375 CheyTac changes are great... it always felt somewhat pointless to use and now it feels like it actually has a purpose
    • Obrez attachment and choke changes were nice to see... never made sense to me why the long barrel didn't impact velocity
    • not sure why DBV choke needed a buff... for a 10 bullet shotgun I feel like it may be a little overpowered, but I guess I will have to test a little more
    • the 8mm conversion changes are pretty good
    • HK337 conv is a lot more balanced with the new stats
    • SVU/SVDS lancaster ammo is a pretty nice addition.. would prefer the svu have a little more velocity since it can one hit to the head all ranges
    • quite satisfied with taurus kit changes... however would prefer the stocks not take away ammo from the reserve like the police stock
    • Henry 30-30 balancing seems pretty good atim

  • brandonn80 I also think the svu ammo needs a muzzle velocity buff, 1900 seems a bit too low for converting it into a regular sniper

  • brandonn80 Then again, it DOES still have 60 in reserve, and it DOES still reload quickly. And it DOES handle rather quickly too.

    If velocity bothers you that much, use long barrel.

  • Henry .45-70 is a 4+1, .410 is 6+1, and .30-30 is 5+1 in terms of ammo irl iirc. By the way, with similar muzzle energy, .30-30 bullet actually goes like 1000fps faster than .45-70 bullet. So I think the muzzle velocity should increase instead of decrease.

    I'm half mad the SVDS conversion doesn't change it to the TG3 (isp 02) but hey at least the conversion's here

    Taurus Police Barrel still doesn't increase muzzle velocity and KSG25 extension (unchanged) still doesn't make the thing more accurate I think (choke value unchanged lol)

    also 15 round mag (rpk .366) is illegal under russian law

  • T0x1cL But Henry can't load one in the chamber, hence it's 5 rounds? And 410 could use the buff of two extra shots ngl when it shares the same ammo reserve as the 45-70...

  • Speaking of the Henry, why did it get the oil filter modification removed? That was a weird nerf if one could call it that.

  • 1st. SVU lancaster
    -It's need a ROF buff because the 9,6mm lancaster suppose to make SVU usefull at all range
    -Reason:Sure it's good and better than Default WA2K in CQC and "Better" at longer range when comparing 300 convert. But the SVU 9.6 is hard to use at range due to the muzzle velocity(btw Wa2K with 300 convert just a better default SVU)
    2nd.Malcolm x3 and model recoil kick
    -idk is this intended to have worse model recoil but Malcolm and most big caliber conversion increasing model recoil too much and it giving player eyes issue(yeah the model keep kicking your face)
    -Jury and Tarus Combination should get the same recoil(It's the same stuff and it would be a small nerf for the Jury because Shotgun ammo type on Jury is busted)
    -It just a worse Hollow Point
    -The conversion need some buff to useable at range too
    Reason:Hollow point can do the 300 AAC job pretty well and it have more Pros than 300 AAC conversion

    This is my opinion

  • Fang said in TEST PLACE FEEDBACK 9/25/20:

    • You should check the malcolm x3 (I don't know why it act so differently from VCOG 6x and Malcolm 6x or other sight)

    What's wrong with the Malcom x3? It seems to act like any other x3 scope really...

  • KommandoKazumi Check this Video : https://streamable.com/prsufo
    and i was knew that Mar Fixed the issue by changed all the scope work
    (which is mean all scope like VCOG would act like Malcolm x3 and i don't like it)

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    KommandoKazumi technically got in the way while reloading so wouldn't be physically possible. Oh well!

  • CamaroKidBB tried that only raises it to 1995 which is still to low, and I would rather have less in reserve and more muzzle velocity

  • brandonn80 tbh it's serviceable enough for idiots like me to main the thing. Especially since I've been pining for a 1sk headshot at all ranges SVU since its first nerf. I quieted down once I realized how decent the SVU was at long range still, in spite of it being a 2sk only at long ranges, but this conversion will be a must for me.

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