Intervention vs. TRG vs. Remington 700

  • I personally love the Intervention or the Remington, but a lot of players have come to me and recommended the TRG. It's better than the Intervention in a lot of ways, but I hate it because of its small magazine capacity. What are your guys' thoughts?

  • Well, TRG is indeed better than Intervention and Remington thanks to its high mobility while still being able to deal a lot of damage.
    About the mag size like you said, it is small, yes, but it is not really a big problem, since you can hit shots quite easily with TRG.
    But, your preference will decide what you want to use. If you do not want to use TRG, you can use Intervention or Remington, no big deal.

  • the RGH is a sniper that's supposed to be unlocked at level 84, I think it's only natural that it should be more useful than the Intervention or the Remington 700.

  • TRG*
    (sorry, the translator did that idk why)

  • Well, high rank guns do not always mean they will be better than its low rank counterpart, but still, TRG is better than Intervention and Remington in this case.

  • is AWM better than TRG?

  • depends trg is slower but gives you a better one hit torso range so its whatever is most suitable

  • Exxyld I personally like AWM better for close range, but they're both good.

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    I see this argument a lot when it comes to trg and intervention, there are a lot of things to factor but I believe what constitutes a good sniper is one that has excellent mobility eg. Mosin, scout, awm.

    Trg has good damage and is faster than Intervention, but its main niche is mostly to inflict lethal damage with it's max damage range to the torso. I would use it over intervention sure, but not the R700 in my opinion.
    People usually bag the R700 because of its bad velocity and such but it houses a 1.3x torso which is about 93 damage from afar and it is IIRC faster than the AWM. If you want a sniper that is fast, and is just as lethal as mosin or so, then R700 might be a good option to have. Overall, thats just how I view two snipers, I like them three and I would use them.

  • toasty The magazine size may be smaller in the TRG, it's reload speed seems very fast to me

  • Well yes, reload speed is fast, but the 5+1 mag seems kinda small to me.
    But you hit shots fairly easily with TRG, so I do not mind that a lot.

  • I prefer the TRG-42 out of the 3.
    Damage range is great, The quick reload is useful (animation is actually satisfying to me) and does not force to use iron sights unlike Steyr Scout.

    For being the most forgotten Sniper Rifle, I sure see quite alot of people use it.

  • TRG is the best rifle, totally not because it's finnish or anything.

  • toasty But the magazine size...

  • Darkman_Bree The Steyr doesn't force you to use iron signs... It's fully customizable, with any sight.

  • Intervention is the best for getting 1000+ stud headshots.

    TRG is decent for long range sniping as well as quickscopes, as fucking cancerous as that is

    Remington 700 is basically scoped mag-fed Mosin.

  • My favourite of the three overall is no doubt the TRG, but I have been warming up to the Rem 700 recently. The Interv is okay, but personally, its bolt is a little too slow for me.

  • Nep True. It was so much better before the nerf.

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    I did some runs with the TRG, it's not so bad, I could use it definitely faster than the Intervention. I may also have did some research on the wiki pages, I'm not entirely sure if this was an error but I noted some of the snipers have been changed with the speeds. From what I gathered, TRG also got it's recovery speed buffed a little, and it had a .5 weapon walkspeed increase which makes it better for mobility.

  • TRG is pretty good, probably my preferred rifle of the bunch.

    That said, I'd take the Henry due to it fitting my play style over all of them

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