Gilboa DBR Snake

  • So, I came across this a few days ago, and I am rather interested in it's strange and unique design. This suggestion, of course, is for the Gilboa DBR Snake or just "Gilboa Snake" for short. A modified AR-15 with two triggers, two barrels, and two magazines along with a unique recoil system that cuts down the recoil of blasting away with two 556 rounds at once effectively for controllable fire. Yet, this civilian variant was born of a crazier idea to have two rounds fired at once from one gun per trigger pull. Proposed stats are below, though some stats may be taken or modified from the HK416 and other ARs or DMRs.

    Name: Gilboa Snake
    Caliber: 5.56 NATO (5.56x45mm)
    Capacity: 60+2 (one in the chamber per barrel)
    Reserve ammo: 120 rounds
    Fire modes: Semi single, double-semi (either 1 pew per trigger pull or two at once for 1.5x recoil)
    Velocity: 1000 Stud/s
    RoF: 400/800*
    *Just because it's firing (effectively) two AR-15s at once does not mean the ROF gets doubled. It is doubled. But RPM stays effectively the same.
    Damage: 35 -> 25 (Or 35x2 -> 25x2 when using "double semi" firing mode)
    Range: 70 max -> 150 min
    Head Mult. 1.5x
    Torso Mult. 1.3x
    Limb Mult. 1.0x
    Penetration: 1.0 studs

    Recoil should be effectively around that of the SL-8, with the multiplier of 1.5x for the double firing mode. As a note, when selecting the double fire mode there won't be an animation to change the selector as instead it's two trigger pulls at once.

    Unique modifications:
    Milspec Single Trigger-
    Modifies the gas system and trigger group to return the model to it's original mil-spec form. Double-semi (like the Stevens DB burst fire) only, but now every single trigger pull launches two rounds at the expense of a bit more recoil (1.3x that of the unmodified semi-auto mode). Penetration increased from 1.0 studs to 1.5 studs. Damage is now 30x2 -> 20x2 while preserving range.

    Fold Stock-
    Folds the stock. Cool. Stats are unaffected. This is more cosmetic, really.

    Mods that won't work on this gun:
    Suppressors. They would either cover up one barrel or be rendered ineffective by the double-barrel setup. Ditto for muzzle brakes, unless one wants to make a completely different model based around what's shown in the images below.

    Weird animation quirks:
    Due to the weapon being two AR-15s side by side with the ejection ports being on both sides, the cartridges are ejected based on which barrel is being used. Ejects to the left when the left barrel is used, ejects to the right when the right barrel is used. Mil-spec was intended to fire from one barrel, then another, though it was not actually described which barrel fired first. Not that it matters, since the difference in when the cases were ejected (after being spent) is down to the millisecond.


    Gilboa Snake

    More Gilboa Snake

    Weird barrels on the Gilboa Snake

  • Heard about this. Might be pretty interesting.

    Since it's semi-auto, I'd say to have a Carbine variant and a long-barreled DMR variant.

  • SlugShotSniper sadly there were no plans to make it full-auto capable, hence the carbine variant is quite dead in the water. Not to mention it technically is an "automatic" with the milspec weapon mod... Legally. As-is I can see it either as a DMR or an AR.

    Also, with some further research, making it fire full auto would be a gargantuan task that is far more painful than it's worth in either form and it would also ruin the frail balance already present in it's proposed stats.

  • KommandoKazumi
    A Carbine isn't necessarily full-auto while an AR is. I was just taking the shorter barrels into account.

    Still, I've been wanting to see this. 😎

  • SlugShotSniper Ah that. I'm not actually sure if it could work with a shorter barrel and milspec mod. But it could work if we remove the capacity to make it milspec due to the odd construction of needing cross-feed gas tubes.

  • Bumping this up because there's no better reason, I suppose this could be absolutely destructive with armor-piercing rounds and milspec as well, assuming AP tacks on a solid value on top of the "base" penetration (which would be raised by said mod)

  • But ROF doesnt mean anything, rate of fire is ...RPM and RPM would be doubled right? Like here is G3 stats in pf "Rate of Fire 580 RPM"

  • Funcaronq ROF is Rate Of Fire which is measured in RPM or Rounds Per Minute

    And given it's (effectively) two rounds at once, ROF is not doubled. That's not how it works.

  • KommandoKazumi Yeah ROF is not doubled but RPM is.

  • Funcaronq Fine, fine. Fixing that.

  • Hell, if you want that, why not throw in the TKB-059?

  • G36 Because it's one gun per suggestion... Well, for me anyway. Also, the heck is that thing supposed to be, exactly?

  • KommandoKazumi Technically a triple barreled bullpup chambered in 7.62x39mm

    so basically think of it as a triple barreled bullpup AK

  • G36 Is it a carbine? DMR? Battle Rifle? PDW?

  • KommandoKazumi Prolly an assault rifle

    judging from the magazine, all AK's have a 30 round capacity, which probably gives it 90 rounds in a magazine

    and since it probably fires from all 3 barrels at once, it probably has triple the damage of an AK47

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