can stylis studios stop fucx up any gun and stop distorting reality

  • Many firearms in the game will lose their original appearance when they are modified, even lose the original accessories, Or for damn balancing reasons to change gun firing mode, if you still want to do this, ok but just renamed, stop influencing and misleading players, many friends around me have been misled by this game, I have a friend who believes that M16 has no front post, also a friends believe M16A3 just auto M16A4,WTF is going on?

    So I suggest renamed guns that have been changed to be unreal or unrealistically balanced

  • KillGod666 M16s don't need a front post, at least not anymore thanks to the 3rd party market being huge for AR-15 family firearms, which the M16 series happens to fall under.

    Also, your friend is only half right. The M16A3 is a full auto variant of the M16A2. The variant portrayed is an export version of the M16A4. Probably either because auto is cheaper than burst to implement, or because it better reflects the importer's doctrine.

    Also, headshots don't kill in a single hit with very few exceptions in this game. That should cue you in on how much realism is valued in the game (hint: not much)

  • CamaroKidBB My point is to stop cheating players who don’t know how to arms, Because they will talk nonsense on different platforms after being deceived

  • KillGod666 That shit has been happening since Call of Duty. You're not going to stop everyone from being misinformed about the behaviors of firearms by making them all realistically behave in one game. I was the same way once actually, but then I took time to read into Wikipedia, and searched up firearms from the video games I play under my own time, and lo and behold, I am about just as knowledgable about irl firearms as I am about game balancing. Granted, I have a few hiccups here and there, but I'm not afraid to let anyone correct me.

  • CamaroKidBB And I have to prove one point, M16 as a military standard weapon, he has a standard definition, I can first be sure that the M16 family without the front post is no longer the military standard M16 family. But the M16/M4 number is for military standard weapons, so if you want to make non-military changes, please rename the gun

  • CamaroKidBB You will spend time but still a lot of players will not spend time, and then just talk nonsense in major forums, It seems that you have never seen what happens on many websites in China:
    The Chinese translation English at the beginning is: Chinese players gun identification chart

    There is also this picture:


    I believe the arms experts are already laughing, but this is what happens frequently in major forums and around me, can you understand my pain as an arms expert

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  • PhantomSoldier Do you now understand why I asked the game to change guns name?

  • Mate, literally no one cares this much

  • hmm
    also it was camaro arguing with you, lol

  • You are irresponsible, you continue to deceive others

    Since it's four o'clock in the morning in Hong Kong, I will go to bed

  • CamaroKidBB i love it when people claim headshots not one shotting means not realistic you claim you looked into this stuff but you obviously didnt headshots kill when they hit a very specfic part of the brain otherwise they are just like other injurys may cause problems but isnt instant death

  • KillGod666 We aren’t exactly playing as government militaries now are we? Otherwise there wouldn’t be the occasional Henry lever action, 1858 revolver, or BFG 50.

    From my understanding, China is a lot more restrictive on gun laws than the US is. Maybe a lot of the misinfo has to do with the fact that it’s very hard if not impossible to get a firearm there, and therefore familiarize themselves with the firearm world. also because China’s pretty censor-happy with their own internet lol

    Some names are probably not changed too because the devs might be planning on adding the exact gun later on down the road rather than a copy made from an existing gun. Just look at the Krinkov being added, even though you can kinda recreate it with the AK-74 in game.

  • lpsflame Said specific area can be shot in-game with a normally non-osk to the face weapon, and it still will not osk to the face. Some weapons even take more than two headshots, which is crazy to even think about surviving, let alone still cognitive enough to fight back in the moment.

  • Imagine going apeshit over a AR-15 lacking its front post lmfao

  • I mean PF goal is not to have realistic weapons and weapon handling but simply to have a balanced game with a large diversity of guns and attachements to mess with. Many others game have that goal.
    I know they made some insignificant mistakes on guns or attachements (by purpose or not) but no ones cares. If someone in your friend group think a M16A4 is a full auto M16A3, correct him politely after having made some research.
    Plus (correct me if I'm wrong) a front post is non essential gun part so any M16/M4 variant could just take it off. It depend of how the designer of the weaponry of the game imagine/think it's best for the feel of the game.

  • Alistair_nat said in can stylis studios stop fucx up any gun and stop distorting reality:

    Plus (correct me if I'm wrong) a front post is non essential gun part so any M16/M4 variant could just take it off. It depend of how the designer of the weaponry of the game imagine/think it's best for the feel of the game.

    Well, you are wrong (for the ar15 family). Removing the front post would remove the gas block, which would make the gun bolt-action.

  • PhantomSoldier There are however replacement gas blocks that have no integral front sight.

  • tec-9 moment

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