Test place update 9/18/20

  • Henry .410 has 6 round capacity, and .45-70 has 4 round capacity irl iirc

    also this seems pretty nice and cool lol

  • Mardemon1 I don't know if you have noticed, so I will post it again.
    ( G36C/K .300 AAC Blackout Conv. aka. HK237)
    It was published with HK337, I'm surprised you didn't add HK237 with it.

    The intermediate distance weapon for Special Forces

    The HK237 is available in the barrel lengths 9” and 12.5”. (G36C and G36K)

    It is important that they only have mechanical sights, and without Hensoldt 3x sight.


    • Assault rifle properties with submachine gun dimensions
    • Low system costs through interchangeable calibers by using existing G36 assault rifles. Achieved by changing the complete upper receiver or by changing the barrel within the current weapon receiver
    • Low logistical expenditure due to the compatability of G36 spare parts and accessories
    • A completely ambidextrous weapon
    • Use of subsonic and/or supersonic ammunition possible without a gas regulator
    • Compact weapon through a retractable buttstock. Buttstock interface for installation of all current * G36 buttstocks allowing ease of storage in vehicles
    • Drop safety acc. To AC225/D14 with the safety on/off
    • Sight rail with Mil-STD-1913 profile at 6 an 12o’clock positions. Modular slim line handguard with HKey Interfaces
    • Operationally proven assault rifle system on the basis of the G36

  • Contractor

    KommandoKazumi The civilian variant is closed bolt, it loads a round into the chamber! Pretty neat, right?

  • @T0x1cL You forgot the +1 in both those capacities. And afaik the Henry Stickmin .45/70 doesn’t have the same +1 feature other shotguns have because it would be too clunky to implement for the Henry in particular. Although yes, I feel the .410 conversion could use 2 extra rounds imho.

  • Mardemon1 Also something to note, if you mix Long Barrel and the Semi Auto conversion, you get a choke value near identical to the Remington 870’s. No clue if this is intentional, but I’m just throwing it out there if you consider this a potential balance issue.

  • GhostLuke I would absolutely love to run this. It could make the G36C into a more traditional PDW (HP notwithstanding), but also make the G36K a more viable and interesting option to run.

    Also it wouldn’t kill me inside as hard as the HK416’s conversion did.

  • lol

  • CamaroKidBB It's physically impossible to implement really since you can't just drop another round in the tube once it's got a round loaded already. Still, the 5 round capacity is strong enough to not warrant a boost or a nerf.

  • I genuinly don't mind the new look of the G36 and G36C and MG36, but like for real now JUST PLEASE CHANGE THE ANIMATIONS FOR IT I BEG PLEASE!!

  • PhantomSoldier said in Test place update 9/18/20:



    alt text

    I FOUND IT IN-GAME LOL Mardemon1
    cool club, ok cringe

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