Adding a player rank data searcher to the wiki page

  • I was watching oscar's youtube videos today and i wondered what rank is he . So i went and search ' oscar phantom forces rank , but all there was bunch of old videos of him playing . There was no real time data for us players to see . And the only way to see it right now is by either having great luck and join a game ocsar is in or just server hop a bunch and hop to get in a server hes in . And if us players have to go though so much just to find out a player's rank wouldn't it be annoying just to waste hours of your life server hopping and trying to join a youtuber's server . So i thought that since theres a bot in the discord server that actually connects your Roblox in game data straight from the data base , why not convert it and add a output of that data to the wiki page as then player's can just search it up and they can find the necessarily data like they other player's rank , kdr , gun with most kills and more . If this feature was added it'll be much better for either low rank players trying to catch up with their favorite youtuber and it may increase the amount of players active as then they have a much clearer goal . That's all i have to say . Thank you for reading this long paragraph . Hope you'll have a nice day

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    1. 306
    2. rank does not equal skill
    3. once you get past rank 211 rank becomes redundent as you already have all guns
    4. look when he presses tab or when he dies for his rank, or high kill games in his discord server

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