Moar ammo types

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    Hard Cast Ammo

    (gd server)

    Extremely heavy load for revolvers. Drastically increases penetration and close range damage, at the cost of reduced min damage range and drastically reduced velocity.

    Availability: Revolvers, KAC SRR, 1858 Carbine, Jury


    • CQC damage increased by 1.2x (1.15 for New Army, 1.25x for Executioner and Jury, 1.26 for Redhawk and KAC SRR)
    • Torso multiplier additively increased by 0.1x (e.g. MP412 w/ HCA has a 1.5x torso multiplier) (Executioner and Jury have no torso multiplier with this attachment)
    • Penetration increased multiplicatively by 4x (2.5x for .44 Magnums and Executioner)
    • Headshot multiplier increased to 2.78 (1858 Carbine ONLY)


    • Max damage range is halved with this attachment (with exception of the Executioner and Jury, as they have no torso multiplier with this attachment)
    • Min damage is reduced by 10% (purely balance reasons due to the increased torso multiplier) (Does not apply to Executioner and Jury as they now have no torso multiplier)
    • Min damage range is reduced by 25%
    • Velocity is cut by 33%
    • Recoil all around increased by 15%

    AR-15 .410 Conversion (Buckshot)


    Converts your AR-15 platform rifle into a shotgun. Powerful at point blank, but deals pitiful damage for a shotgun at medium range. At least the spread is nice.

    Availability: M4A1, M16A3, M231, C7A2


    • Hard sets damage to 25x4-16x4, allowing one-shot kills in CQB.
    • Spread value of 1.8. Not as thin as the Jury, but still thinner than most shotguns.


    • Velocity reduced by 5/7%
    • Max damage range cut by 1/3%
    • Min damage range halved
    • Head multiplier hard set to 1.14x
    • Literally cannot one-shot beyond max damage range unless headshotting.
    • Reload times increased by 20%
    • Gun is now semi-auto only (does not apply to M231 because yes)
    • Fire rate cut by 30% (does not apply to M231 because yes)

    AR-15 .410 Conversion

    (ditto above)

    Converts your AR-15 platform rifle into a shotgun firing slugs. While not buckshot, it still deals higher damage than normal 5.56 rounds at the cost of capacity, Talk about coming around full circle.

    Availability: M4A1, M16A3, M231, C7A2


    • Higher damage per shot, now set to 47-32.
    • 2.29x head multiplier and 1.20x torso multiplier.
    • 0.36 hip spread and 0.18x aim spread, allows one to stretch their range a bit.
    • Penetration is doubled from base.


    • Unless otherwise stated, shares all cons with the Buckshot variant.
    • Being slugs, there will still be spread, even when aiming.

  • AR-15 .50 BMG upper when lmao+

  • I’d rather have the AR-12 as a new shotgun than have a conversion
    We have 2 AK platform shotguns why not an AR-15 platform shotgun

  • Tha_MessageMan why not have an AR-17 instead?

    All aluminium, semi auto, 2 round capacity. It's a double barrel with extra steps.

    (Light shotgun and higher recoil than normal)

  • So... No magazine reductions on the shotgun AR-15's?

  • Darkman_Bree hehehehehedh m231 shotgun go brrrrrr

  • Tha_MessageMan The .410 conversions are meant to be the AR counterpart to the VPO shotguns, hence only having buckshot and slugs. Also because while they SEEM to be better in CQC, they’re actually better at range due to less overall spread and being a semi-consistent 2-hit kill, whereas the VPOs will one-hit more frequently and have more pellets.