New Hints!

  • Contractor

    I'm going to be adding some new hints to the game, could you help me out and write some some hits you would want to see in game? Put them in quotes ( "like this" ) and I might use them.

    A single hint can only be a sentence long, and not a long one. Be mindful of that.

  • "We don't realize how much we miss something until it's gone forever."

  • "Try to lead your shot if your target is moving, otherwise you'll miss your shots."

  • "Lawyers hope you get sued, doctors hope you get sick, cops hope you're criminal, but only a thief wishes prosperity for you."

  • secrets rooms

  • "Some attachments, when equipped, may change the name of your gun."

  • Time is money; we all want it back after we waste it

  • "A weapon's rank does not strictly determine it's usefulness."
    "You can dolphin dive by pressing Z while running."
    "Armor piercing bullets will penetrate through deeper walls at the cost of range."
    "Hollow point bullets will increase your damage up close, but lower your wall penetration and long range damage."
    "Tracerless bullets will make your bullets harder to see while minorly affecting recoil."
    "While reloading, left click to cancel your reload."
    "Some attachments can change the name of your gun, or completely change all of it's stats!"
    "A halbek device will reverse all of your recoil, making it go down instead of up."
    "A muffler will hide a weapon's muzzle flash and lower recoil, but while also lowering firerate."

  • "Don't forget - you can change your sensitivity and other settings in the Lobby!"
    "Shotguns are best used in CQC!"
    "Suppressors have an effective masking range, be sure to plan accordingly!"
    "Just because you've deemed a weapon OP doesn't mean it's a reason to votekick."
    "Some attachments drastically change how a weapon functions"
    "Sometimes, a slower rate of fire can mean more control and damage down range!"
    "Grenades can't hit you through walls, use them to shield yourself!"
    "Don't overextend. You're more likely to get killed this way."
    "Bullets have drop. Compensate this by aiming higher than your target!"
    "A good sidearm is the difference between life and death. Choose wisely"
    "Reports work best when there's video evidence!"
    "Play fair!"
    "People are rooting for you, don't give up!"
    "Even if you got one kill, you still helped your team win!"
    "Thank Mar - At least he listens!"
    "These messages have been brought to you by the StyLiS Community!"
    "Remember: If you're up against a Shotgun in CQC, you're gonna have a bad time!"
    "Cas is baby"
    "Don't be a jerk."
    "Be sure to check if you've got a full magazine!"
    "You can slide in every direction!"
    "Holding Shift while sliding will let you slide in the direction you're facing, even around corners!"
    "Guns go pew when you pull the trigger!"
    "Just because a gun is a higher rank doesn't always mean it's statistically better."

  • "People who get 100+ kill games are not always hackers."

  • "Jumping while pressing x will make you super-jump in the direction you're pointing."
    "Make sure to be sure someone is cheating (or doing something else, like using slurs) before initiating a votekick. Don't abuse it, or you will be banned."

  • "Remember that there are always multiple routes between objectives."
    "Suppressors are great at masking your presence, at the cost of damage."
    "Oil Filters will drop your ROF, but also mask your presence."
    "Tracerless rounds are quite bright at night."
    "You can shoot out the lights on any map, but not all maps will provide darkness to hide in."
    "Shotguns excel at close range combat."
    "Snipers are made for long-range combat."
    "LMGs are good for defending objectives."
    "SMGs are good for assaulting objectives."

  • "Sometimes your opponent is just having a really good day."
    "Lighten up and have some fun! Toxicity kills the mood."
    "Higher ranked guns does not always better guns."
    "Feeling tired? Take a break, you play better refreshed."
    "Have a suggestion? Visit the StyLiS Studios forum!"
    "Getting spawn-trapped? Flank your opponents."
    "Only votekick for exploiters, anything else is abuse and is chat bannable."
    "Enemies can appear on your radar, use this wisely."
    "mp5 bad - sannie"

  • "A Corgerus is a corgi with three heads, and it is the most adorable thing I've ever seen."

  • "Please use the votekick system sensably, or you will potentially be punished."
    "Remember, just because someone is better doesn't mean they're hacking."
    "Certain attachments can improve or worsens a gun."
    "Higher rank guns are not necessarily a direct upgrade to lower rank guns."
    "Please submit a video evidence when reporting exploiters, unless the picture is crystal clear."
    "Some guns have the ability to penetrate through very thick walls, like LMGs and snipers."

  • "Using a macro isn't bannable but votekickable, so if you do get votekicked for it don't whine."
    "Most assault rifles can be used effectively in almost all situations, but excel in none of them."
    "You can use the advanced stats tab to view in-depth stats of your weapon."
    "Different firearms have different actions."
    "The BFG is not overpowered, its sheer damage is its one redeeming quality."
    "Bullet hoses like the MAC-10 excel in CQC."
    "The DMR bridges the gap betwen assault rifles and sniper rifles."
    "The best counter to AA-12 is range."
    "The square root of 625 is 25."
    "Shift+Jump+X or Shift+Jump+Z while holding direction button to superjump. Right click while diving to revert to standing position."
    "Machine guns, while bulky, excel at holding areas due to their large ammo capacity."
    (If not in the game already) "Switching to your sidearm is always faster than reloading."
    "The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell."
    "You know the rules, and so do I."
    "get stickbugged lol"
    "Don't worry if you're performing poorly - you'll get better."
    "The G11 and AN-94 fires bursts so rapidly that the rounds exit the barrel before the recoil hits you."
    (Rare)"Oh dear, it seems you've seen it."

  • "If your ADS is continuing to bug out, restart the game please"
    "You've won, regardless of what the game says"
    "Don't stress, you're doing great!"
    "Remember votekicking is an option"
    "Keep striving for more"
    "Hey, go eat something"
    "Test servers are a thing"
    "If you have ideals, bring it to our discord"
    "Go get that legendary you've always wanted"
    "Remember to spot for your team. Oh yeah, Press 'E'"
    "a̶n̶y̶ g̶u̶n̶ t̶h̶a̶t̶ s̶t̶a̶r̶t̶s̶ w̶i̶t̶h̶ 'A̶U̶G̶' h̶a̶s̶ l̶o̶w̶ r̶e̶c̶o̶i̶l̶ - s̶o̶h̶l̶u̶r̶r̶"
    "Don't fight. Compromise."

  • “ Don’t rely on one type of weapon too much, use a variety of them to make your experience better.”

  • I assume it's chat hints, not end of round hints.

    • "Try out atleast every gun, Eventually you will find the gun you are really good at."
    • "Do not abuse the votekick system, you can risk a chat ban."
    • "If you die by someone alot, Change your loadout and strategy to counter them."
    • "There are plenty of ways to earn credits: By ranking up, selling skins, winning giveaways or paying robux."
    • "If you see a sniper aiming for you, Try to get to cover while making your movement unpredictable."

  • "Bullets have travel time, remember to aim in advance of your target."
    "Even if you have low K/D, doesn't mean you're losing the game (unless it's Team Deathmatch)."
    "Play the objective, enough said."
    "Don't be afraid to take risks, you can respawn."
    "When you're telling the enemy to stop doing something, you're telling them their strategy is working."
    "There are oddities to every weapon category that makes it take on a different role than usual."
    "If you utilize burst mechanics well, you will shred."
    "Stealth isn't a thing - an enemy will always spot you."