Darkman's gun review - AUG A1

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    The AUG A1 is an Austrian bullpup Assault Rifle, It has the Swarovski Scope integrated on default with no way of taking off, However you can equip optics ontop of it.
    With or without optic, The AUG A1 has the ability to switch between aiming the scope and the iron sights ontop, the iron sights will be replaced by any optic you equip, A low magnification sight is recommended because you already have a scope.
    It is unlocked at Rank 20!

    The AUG A1 on default already has impressive low recoil, but suffers at range due to the horizontal recoil that every AUG has, to combat this, equip the Compensator and you will have a very accurate gun!
    The minimum damage range of this weapon is very high, reaching 190 studs, take advantage of this because that's the 2nd highest of all Assault Rifles only being beaten by the C7A2 by 10 studs.

    One thing you should be careful with using this gun is reloading, The AUG A1 takes a while to reload especially if it's empty, Take some cover when reloading or you will die!

    The scope and iron sights of this weapon are clean and easy to see through, while it's hard to see much through the long tubed scope, The tube itself is thin so you can easily see your surroundings while aiming!

    Remember, T is to switch between scope and sight!

    9mm Conv.

    Renames your AUG A1 to the AUG A1 PARA!

    • (+) Max damage increased to 34!
    • (+) Fire rate increased to 710 RPM!
    • (+) Spare ammo increased to 125!
    • (+) Faster aim camera kick!
    • (-) Min damage reduced to 19!
    • (-) Min range reduced!
    • (-) Magazine capacity reduced to 25!
    • (-) Halved penetration depth!

    Pretty much turns your AUG A1 into a PDW, the internal scope is not recommended to be used now.


    The AUG A1 has a few interesting attachments, being the Short Barrel, Hera CQR Grip, Folded Grip and 9mm Conv.

    • Since this gun fires 5.56x45mm NATO, this gun has access to the .223 Rem ammo type.
    • Interestingly, The Swarovski Scope is available in optic attachments, allowing you to put the scope ontop of your scope.
    • Now for attachments, I recommend not using any high magnification scope, keep it on low magnification sights like the EOTechs, Coyote Sight, Reflex Sight, You can once again use your default scope as alternative aim.

    If you want a loadout, I recommend you this:

    • BARSKA Electro
    • Compensator
    • Stubby Grip
    • Tri Laser
    • Default

    If you want lower recoil, use .223 Rem as ammo, it won't even ruin your damage that bad, but you will lose out on 250 muzzle velocity.


    • Nothing that I can think of.

    My opinion on this gun

    I really like this, I love the AUG series, they helped me rank through Phantom Forces when I was a low rank.
    The gun model itself caught my eye when I first saw it in The Walking Dead held by the main villain of Season 3-4.
    I never found any game using this weapon until I found Phantom Forces, Oh boy did I enjoy the gun when I finally unlocked it.

    I give this gun a solid 9/10!

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  • My main gun in the mid-beta, and my first 10k+ kill gun.

  • My loadout:

    svakovs scope
    sideways grip
    canted acog scope
    t t t t t

  • ngl, I always sucked with the AUG A1. I never could get any good with it, and the A2 hasn't been much better. That being said, I've done wonders with the A3 when I unlocked, I got into the A3 Para a few months ago, and recently/occasionally returned to the A3.

  • M200 thats a pretty shit loadout

  • yeah this gun is pog for low ranks

  • Edited review to include the new 9mm Conversion.

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