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    Full change log here!

    (9-13-20) Full change log here!

  • FAL rebalance is perfection

  • Should be MP5/10K but whatever

  • MP5K/10 is pretty good. The recoil is kinda hard to control but the damage is good.
    FAL change was much needed.
    WA2K .300 was turned into poop imo
    Sionics suppressor is lit

    • really like the remake of the WA .300 conversion; feels a lot more useful than before
    • C7A2 minor recoil increase was somewhat needed... pre-nerf the C7 felt a little too accurate
    • glad to see the sionics suppressor get redone... it didn't feel worth using prior (also to note I think the carbine barrel may be having loading issues)
    • night vision scope new kill requirement is a lot more reasonable... pls no more sights (other than possibly sniper optics) that require 5000+ kills
    • the 10mm conversion for the MP5K was pretty interesting.... feel like the recoil however needs to be reduced a little as it currently kicks a little too hard in my opinion
    • happy to see the FAL PARAs get rebalanced... the 50.63 always felt like it didn't have much purpose, and the shorty didn't feel the most satisfying for a pdw type weapon
    • also the recoil nerfs to the M60 and HBAR need to be stronger... the previous changes to the recoil didn't feel very significant on either of them

  • Mar, I'm not sure you've noticed this, and I forgive you if you haven't...

    But adding the 5.56 conversion and the BARS barrels to both the AK-103 and AK-105...

    have literally the exact same model.

    To remedy this, I propose that the AK-103 and AK-105 have separate conversions from each other, so they at least behave differently.

    AK-103: .366 TKM (Slugs and Buck), 5.56x45mm conversions
    AK-105: 9x39mm, .300 BLK conversions

    Reasoning: Since the AK-103 is a 7.62mm AK, it is also compatible with .366 TKM much like how the AKM and AK-47 are. Basically the same stats, and even let the BARS barrel modify them further lol. I let it keep the 5.56x45mm conversion due to the 103's standing as an assault rifle and not a carbine, so having a somewhat range-focused conversion for this gun is ok.

    Since the AK-105 is a carbine, I gave it more CQB focused conversions. 9x39mm because the AK-9 exists, and give it a 700 RPM fire rate and higher CQB damage at the cost of a 20 round magazine and decreased velocity. If the BARS barrel is equipped, the BARS fire rate should remain the same, mostly for balance reasons. I chose .300 BLK for the 105 also because to differentiate it further from the AK-103, and also because .300 BLK is compatible with 5.56mm innards in all but barrel diameter. Boosts capacity to 35 like the 5.56 conversion before it, has less of a velocity penalty than the 9x39mm conversion, at the cost of no fire rate increase, and less long range damage. To differentiate it from the 5.56mm conversion of the AK-103 further, the magazine model should be black.

    NOTE: I kept the stats only to a bare estimate, due to this imho being a necessity to differentiate the 103 and 105, and also because ultimately it is the devs who balance the weapons and attachments.

  • no

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    CamaroKidBB the levels this community will go to justify making a suggestion is incredible

    imagine making a forum to give feedback on update changes but then this guy goes and says " wow they the same gun (despite this being a video game), please let me fix this by throwing two of the suggestions I want to make that technically aren't even related to the "PROBLEM" I presented just two suggestions I wanted to make"

    It's like being mad that the AK47 has damage differences from the AKM.

  • Mardemon1 Except the AKM and AK-47 models aren’t identical, unlike BARS and 5.56 on the AK-103 and -105, and also have the same basic idea. At least the M16A3/4 and M4/A1 variants are separated by different fire modes, fire rates, even reload sounds.

    The other part was to specialize the conversions with the -103 and -105. The -105 getting CQB-oriented conversions while the -103 gets the one 5.56x45mm conversion (better range than .300 BLK) and .366 TKM, since the latter actually exists as the Kalashnikov TG-2.

    The other, OTHER reason why I suggest .300 BLK for the -105 is because 5.56mm serves the same basic purpose as 5.45mm, both being SCHV rounds, therefore making the conversion irrelevant, at least in reality. .300 BLK at least uses 90% of the same internals 5.56 rifles use, with the obvious exception of the barrel, while also not serving the same purpose as the 5.45mm rounds the -105 is converting from (being SCHV rounds.). I also suggested 9x39mm rounds for the -105 again due to the CQB focus for the -105’s conversions, boosting non-BARS fire rate and CQB damage at the cost of smaller magazines.

    Either way, I did not mean to provoke you, and I apologize if I did.

  • Mardemon1

    Wait, the AKM and AK 47 have damage differences? Now that's not very kosher of you!

    To be fair, it is a good way to get the attention of devs by replying to their recentmost post.

    That said, yeah, I can see why it's somewhat bothersome that you're getting feedback for something you're not looking for, despite how valid it is...

    Anyways, onto my critique and opinions.

    M1911 front part / iron sights no longer go away with sights equipped.

    Years Mar. Countless years have I waited for this, and now? My waiting has finally concluded. It is real fudd hours now ladies and gents.

    M1911 range0 increased to 55 (from 35).

    Fudd Hours Intensifies

    M45A1 range0 increased to 50 (from 30).

    Justifiable, considering the aforementioned M1911 range buff.

    Sionics Suppressor stats redone.

    Overall, nice! I think the Sionics still had a place, albeit a wee bit overshadowed by other muzzle attachments for the Mac-10, but now it's great!

    Aug A3 compensators no longer hardsets recoil values.

    Wait, it did that?

    FAL changes

    Off to Rhodesia, to fight in the bushes

    WA 2000 mumbo

    Honestly wish I could give something constructive, but I don't even have the gun yet, let along the .300 WinMag conversion!

    All in all?


  • I think we should add night vision goggles as an equipment as if the maps are harder without night vision scopes and flashlights players will have no way to actually see properly

  • 4llen11 equipment afaik ain’t coming.

  • I cannot talk about the other guns (FALS, SA58).
    But I can say that the sionics is now alot better. The debuffs and buffs are really balanced.
    (Reduced walk and aim speed)
    The debuffs encourage more of a slower gameplay, yet fast enough to consider it a run'n'gun weapon.
    The buffs are pretty good. You get a suppressor and a long barrel in one whole package.

    The whole reason the sionics suppressor was garbage was it's 8 damage penalty. But now it's just 2, like any other suppressor for the mac-10.

    Anyways it's gonna be a go to attachment for me.

  • What's next? Remodel the diopter iron sights and have the iron sights fold out instead of disappearing?

  • C7A2 very minor increase to horizontal aim camera recoil

    The "0.1" you said in Discord is not clear. I currently see that the

    • Horizontal recoil (Y value) has increased by 20% (120%/0.2)
    • Z value has increased by 10% (110%/0.1)
      PS: What does the Z value mean? Does it make your camera rotate?

    It would be better if you can provide a modified multiplier value instead of using ambiguous descriptions.

    Silent Ammo changes:
    	Reduces bullet speed by 12%.
    	Reduces suppression  by 12%.

    I can understand why you did it, but it feels too much. It will make the usage rate "even" lower.
    If it can reduce the "camera recoil" by 10%, it will make it more realistic and balanced (like a variant of .223 Remington). After all, there is less gunpowder, right?

    MP5K can equip a 10mm Conversion! 2000 kill unlock.
    	(+) Increases dam0 to 36 (OG: 30).
    	(+) Increases dam1 to 19 (OG: 17).
    	(+) Increases range1 to 150 (OG: 80).
    	(+) Strengthens penetration depth to 0.8 (OG: 0.5).
    	(+) Doubles Suppession.
    	(=) Changes fire volume to 1.6 (OG: 1.5).
    	(=) Changes firepitch to 1.25 (OG: 1.5).
    	(-) Decreases bullet speed to 1500 (OG: 2000).
    	(-) Decreases hipfire spread recover to 9 (OG: 12).
    	(-) Decreases hipfire stability to 0.5 (OG: 0.8).
    	(-) Increases hipfire spread to 0.07 (OG: 0.6).
    	(-) Increases recoil to be on par with the MP5/10.
    • DMG is very good, but the recoil slightly too much, although the 10mm series has always been so difficult to use.
    • The penetration from 0.5 to 0.8 makes no difference in usage, maybe only one more board in the warehouse. Above 1.0 will be more suitable.
    • The bullet speed is reduced too much, will be better in about 1800 or just dont change it to closer to reality.
    • Perhaps to MP5K features, If it does not reduce the "hipfire" would be more realistic and balanced, so as MAC-10 variants, perhaps?
      If 10mm bullet speed is lower than 9mm is obviously too unrealistic (although in video game)

    The Recoil and damage can be maintained, but other "bullet" capabilities of 10mm are too poor.
    PS: Compared with other .45 ACP series guns, the positioning of 10mm is always awkward. maybe the MP5/10 also need a little buff.

    AN94 7.62 Conversion now sets your min damage to 21, it was a little too powerful before.

    I don't know who told you that, but it doesn't need nerf.
    So far I have never seen anyone use it in the main game (AN94 7.62 Conversion)
    Almost all players who are really good at AN94 just use auto-fire to make it a "no-recoil" gun.

    Other updates are good, but I haven’t done many tests


  • -after thinking a little harder I felt that the shorty didn't need a damage buff, so happy to see that get reverted

    • SA58 was somewhat in need of a buff... always felt like it was kinda mediocre compared to the rest of the dmrs... however am a little if the range buffs were impactful
    • nice to see the osprey suppressor be re-balanced; hope other attachments in need of balancing will be reviewed as well

  • I'm interested that now you can turn the Mac-10 into a literal AR-15.

  • Yetaloz aka "Why would you do this?"

  • DerEnte for fun

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