(outdated) Votekick Suggestions 3: Extreme Electric Boogaloo

  • Stylis seems to be going towards a weighted votekick system. I have decided to make a new post about it.

    Video with useful info (not mine obv): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do3CQnlaV3c

    Aight, time for the suggestion.


    • You can now change your vote during a votekick.

    • Votekick abusers will receive punishments immediately. If votekicks are abused enough, the user will lose the privilege of the votekick system.

    • The syntax will be /votekick:user:reason(optional), or /vk:user:reason(optional)

    • A new window will pop - up that will ask for confirmation of the votekick. Press Y to confirm and N to cancel, there will be a 3 second delay until you can confirm.
      = When you are about to confirm the votekick, the console will list the votekick rules in the chat, along with warnings about the system being abused and any possible consequences.
      The chat will be frozen while this message appears. It will stay for the duration of the votekick.

          Chat has been frozen, votekick in progress.
          (User), review the rules below before starting a kick or voting:
          FALSE REASONS:
          The player isn't playing the way you want them to, they are performing well, 
          they shot you through a wall, etc.                                 
          VALID REASONS:
          1. The player is clearly cheating with clear evidence.
          2. The player is spamming chat or being vile.
          3. The player is intentionally being toxic.
          If you choose to abuse this system, your account will be penalized.
    • Once the kick has been initiated, a modified version of the current window will appear. There will be a 3 second delay until you can vote. And the message will stay for an additional 10 seconds after the kick is complete.

         Kick (accused user)?
         Initiator: (username) [status: Trusted/Neutral/Untrusted]
         Reason: (reason provided)
         (user)'s stats: (kdr), (rank).
         [Yes: Y] [Unsure: U] [No: N] [Report: hold P]
    • You can now report a votekick window! The window will be sent to the server staff, along with chat information in case the person is getting kicked for chat spam/abuse. And to avoid spamming the staff, one report will be sent instead of 10 in case 10 people report the window.

    • If an accused user leaves the server during a votekick, they will not have permission to join that server.

    • Status means the votekick weight of the person starting the votekick. This is to indicate if a player is an abuser, new, or a trustworthy player.

    • Status:
      Neutral: Current vote requirements
      Trusted: Reduced requirements, may need only 70% of the current requirements.
      Untrusted: Increased requirements of 20% to 30%

    • You earn any according status naturally as you play the game, votekick cheaters and abusers, reporting rule breakers, etc. Not doing anything will net you the Neutral status. Doing what is not intended will give you the Untrusted status, and you will of course be at increased risk of losing votekick permissions.

    • When a votekick is started, anyone can spectate the accused by using this helpful command: /spectate or /spec (yeah that's it, simple.).

    This is what votekick abuse looks like: (im the guy that got kicked)


    That's all I have in my mind currently, suggest things in the replies.

  • GIve opinions please.

  • I'd be worried about having too much info covering such a large part of the screen, but since the rules and whatnot covers chat which is usually just spam and racists, I don't think I'd mind.

  • @TheLastMan in my mind it will be a similar size to the current pop - up. The first pop - up (to confirm the initiation) will be a small window in the same location.

  • The rules (in green) could be written more professionally and not as condescending, but overall a great suggestion.

  • Yeah I think this would be a good upgrade but refine the rules as to be more neutral instead of don’t kick if they are better or worse than you

  • I would say yes, but I'm curious for Votekick Suggestions part 4: too much boogaloo.

  • I changed a few things in the post. Give it a look.

  • I do believe it would be of use, especially since the chances of being kicked because you got a double collateral will be low. However, one thing I’m worrying about are the toxic 9 year olds who probably never care about this stuff.

  • lorge pitsa and I think that's why the punishments are an integral part of a votekick-revamp. Right now, the only consequence of kicking someone is others is the server trying to kick you, which doesn't happen too often in my experience.

  • Dead post

  • Yes, Do that shit right now. I have been false-votekicked dozens of times and I'm not even rank 50

  • By the way, increase the authority of "initiate a vote" to a higher rank.
    Although rude but at least very compromised.
    I think it is more suitable around rank-75.
    The existing rank-25 initiate for voting is too low.
    54dc0029-4ba3-4457-aff8-2ab8f8871bf0-image.png OMFG STOP IT

  • idk how stylis is planning to do the weighted system for the initiators or the people being kicked, but if it is geared toward the people being kicked it should resolve low ranks abusing the system; also in the proposed syntax around the warning line I would phrase it as: "Warning: If you choose to abuse this system, your account will be subject to punishment."

  • fucking votekick abusers I want this to happen now

  • leeleemae Since you're now on the forums and you liked my previous votekick revamp ideas, I suggest you to give this post a read.

  • I have expanded the post a bit.

  • GhostLuke Personally, increasing the rank wont help much. People have a tendency to votekick other people that are better than them.

  • Corgerus Observing the recent activities of StyLis, I have found that they are more inclined to use simple solutions to achieve their goals,
    So, while your suggestion is a good one, it is unlikely to be possible in the short term.
    (Honestly I don't even think they'll adopt it.)

    Raising the threshold for initiating a vote is a crude, but immediately effective solution. Why?
    First of all my KDR is 8 right now, I often get KD above 10 or even 20 in game,
    which makes me very easy to get the VK, and I find that people who initiate false VK are usually below rank 75.

  • 64b430d9-3ce6-49d5-b7a6-77d65dfce9ec-image.png and just happened again, help us.
    (Yes I am from Taiwan, ASIA)

    And I can’t automatically find a good ping lobby now