Why tf like 4 people have megumin profile pictures now


like excuse me what


shitpost, silver remove


Because megumin


the power of the smirk smirk





That’s the face I make when I’m about to use the MG3 on the enemy team on metro



take this one, it’s better


It is lmao, i made that one in 3o seconds


MG3 is most overpowered LMG by far. It’s a Kriss Vector with 50 rounds.


and better range

and better iron sights

and it looks cooler


what have i created


Oh no, because the RPK 12 burst can’t also achieve 1000 rpm and reloads on a dime.

But wait, the RPK 12 is too weak?

The RPK 74 can also two shot headshot, with minimal recoil and reloads on a dime.

RPK 74 still too weak?

RPK muh dood.

What does the MG3KWS have to offer over all of these?

A lazy recoil pattern, long down time for reloads, extremely low two shot headshot range, and the ability to make anyone (recieving end or not) to become really salty.



Im muting this weeb shit