Why. Just why


WHO USES TEAMSPEAK? Everyone half-witted uses Discord.


Well with all the discord issues going around… almost tempted to go back to teamspeak




Orip lol


I no use teamspeak



Thats the stylis studios topic…




Cuz Teamspeak makes people feel smart


TeamSpeak seems to be used by the “oldschool” & older members of the community.
The people I mostly see on the StyLis TS server are most of the staff members who have been here pretty much since the beginning & some of the veteran community members. Every now and then someone new hops on to check the place out.

Personally I prefer TS for voice chat, because, well, that’s exactly what it was made for, whereas discord is just a skype killer to me. TS forces voice chat in a way, whereas discord doesn’t get that much voice activity.

Do you prefer discord over teamspeak?

I do kinda EGGree (Because its Easter LOL) with you.


i am smart and this is a late repoi


Could I Just get unbanned from the TS, or at least have a ban appeal




Epic please dont revive a 7month old thread










I just want to know what the teamspeak is, help.