Why is the leaderboard not transparent anymore?


So this is the shit we have now…

as opposed to this

Who thought this was a good idea? Who? So now I can’t see my fucking gun anymore if I get a good game and want to screenshot it? WHY NOT ADD SOMETHING USEFUL LIKE THAT SIGHT COLOUR THING THAT WAS IN THE TEST PLACE LIKE THREE MONTHS AGO DEMENTED PEOPLE

Pretty sure they are still deciding on what rank unlock to but that in lmfao.

(Ok that argument is shit but ok)

Also, please fix the 1 stud hit reg not working glitch

bitches in stylis be crazay


and the FAL needs the 2 shot back


I think you have a serious problem with overreacting.


Why does everyone ask for a FAL buff all of the sudden?
It didn’t even get nerfed.


@Mr.E said the 50.00 used to 2 shot to the torso






The new leaderboard I personally quite like. However I can understand that the fact it’s opaque will frustrate some people. Possibly a new setting in the settings menu to satisfy both sides of the argument.

iirc this is in the main-game. But you need like around 300 kills on the sight in order to unlock it.


Eh, likely the test place.


I believe it used to have more recoil too.
I’d trade recoil control for damage any day. I used to main the M231 after all.