What Weapons Do You Main?

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Honestly tho the 94 is only good cause it has no recoil the dmg is trash, The fal shoots too slow for me…


FAL 50.00
Tommy Gun
these are my mains


Hey normie,hit your headshots,since it has no recoil,why do you think it has sub-par damage? Oh that’s right, to take advantage with headshots.


The damage really isn’t all that bad. In fact, it feels superior at times compared to other Assault Rifles.

AN-94 overall is a good gun imo, it’s certainly the best lower-ranked Assault Rifle, having the tightest recoil pattern and the smallest amount of kick. Also that two round Burst does damage that is on par, if not surpasses DMR’s It’s not exactly elegant, but a skilled player can effectively outgun all the other Assault Rifles up close and at longer ranges because of that insane accuracy.

I’m not going to do a thread on why this gun is overlooked as that has been done to death, but you get my point.

Edit: Forgot to mention this gun has the potential to 1-Burst to the at all ranges with HP, basically making this the most effective counter-sniper assault rifle in the game. This means that if you have good aim, you can kill 15 players with 1 fucking magazine. There are not many weapons, let alone assault rifles, that have this capability. This also makes weapons like the Mk11 completely obsolete, as it also 2-shot kills to the head with headshots albeit at a much longer TTK , and even the Scar-SSR at longer ranges gets outclassed by this weapon because of the lower RPM. While the SSR does 1-shot to the head up to a certain range, it’s harder to control when spamming and the AN-94 can fire more shots downrange. It’s not even close.


Normies hate having a gun that doesn’t have a rpm of at least 750(hk-416,m16a3 etc.)


Either way, with good inputs, it’s possible to achieve a decent firerate in Burst mode. Not the claimed 1800 RPM, but I have friends that can empty the entire mag in like 2.5 seconds or less.


As for the hk itself: Famas G2>HK-416


Yeah, I saw a rank 32 with @CamaroKidBB loadout destroying my team filled with the usual little timmies and a bad rank 132 sweat,there were only 3 players on my team who weren’t trash.


@CamaroKidBB is like the only person I know that stuck with the gun before it was even known that it was really good.


I used to use from time to time on alpha-beta with my old acc,that was when I was younger and didn’t completely understand the concept of burst,so I thought it has full-auto