What Weapons Do You Main?

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Funny thing about the Tec that’s it’s modeled with a 32 rounder,but it only has 20 rounds, talk about false advertising


Would still rather use it over the tec 9. It is practically an SMG with Ext mag.


We should be glad it’s not a 10 round mag instead.


Fair enough.


seriously we should be able to set the rpm rate, like you can in real life


Click bots.

That answers it all.


Wait a minute, I thought one cannot set the rpm for most weapons IRL


if the gun is a semi-auto that can be easily changed to full-auto weapon through quote on qoute “illegal means” sure.


Well, what I mean is if you think a weapon (for example the select-fire AK47) can have its rpm increased or decreased IRL. From my knowledge most guns cannot have its rpm increased or decreased (with the exceptions of M240, MG5, NEGEV-7, and a few assault rifles)


it literally states the tec has been modified to fire full-auto in the wiki:

“in real life, the TEC-9 is semi-automatic only, however, the pistol can be converted to be fully-automatic through third parties or individuals modifying the weapon. Depending on the method used, the firerate can be anywhere between 600 RPM to 1500 RPM.”


why do you think an-94 is a bad weapon. It’s one of the best assault rifles, albeit a crossbreed from a DMR and AR
There is literally no reason to use most DMRs over AN94


oh my god can you read?

i guess not


UPDATE: All this recent FAL talk has gotten me to revisit the weapon for the first time in months. Yeah, I can safely say I’ve now abandoned the G3 as it’s shit compared to the FAL.

This is seriously the king of primaries.


you forgot to @ darkman
ill do it for you




I love when someone has been converted to being a FAL disciple.
Maybe the FAL’s destiny is to be not quite balanced (whether or not people joke the FAL is balanced).


It just occured to me, imagine how good the Five Seven could potentially be with AP. This could improve long range damage a lot, as that high velocity makes the weapon easy to tap fire at 200 studs and easily get the kill.
Time to start grinding.


RPM is dependent on multiple things, and unlike in games, the fire rate of weapons fluctuates in real life depending on the conditions. If the bolt is loose or something that could result in a gun firing faster or slower.


I main the an94 :>