What Weapons Do You Main?

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still dosent change the fact that the AN-94 is outclassed in it’s “jobs”

it’s terrible at close range

it’s a 4 shot, 4 without AP to the torso at range, while the Aug A1 deals 23 damage outside of 190 studs. that’s sniper range. whilst the AN-94 deals 24 damage outside of 120 studs. what tiny range.

Obrez has the obvious 1 shot potential, forbidding accuracy.

in no way am i calling it bad. it just gets outclassed

literally very DMR outperforms this in the damage department, but it makes up in firerate.


Okay, bub I’ve killed sniper and dmr users by scoring 2 burst headshots faster than they can get a second shot off of me, it’s the only gun you should use vcog with


it’s reliant on your reaction times. i just find the AN-94 a hassle to use.

it’s jittery

the Aug A1 is not


Tracking issue?


Facts: obrez is a discount 1858 new army


nope. i have over 9 thousand AWS kills. i know how to hit followup shots


Depends on how you use it. The burst cap is more in line with the Beowulf TCRs than any of the other two-shot DMRs, which could lead to some reasonably fast kills. When using it in auto, sure, it’s bad if you don’t hit the first burst, but when you do, it has a min TTK of 233 milliseconds. I guess by that logic anything slower than an M16A3 is also terrible in CQB?

So do the magnums. And they do it faster. And they don’t suffer from RNGbola. And they carry more ammunition. Not to mention that the Five Seven, which isn’t even a magnum, is far better as a long range weapon than the Obrez can even DREAM of.

Right, because 64-48 damage per burst is definitely outclassed by every DMR. :roll_eyes: Sure, the AN-94 lacks most pf the multipliers other DMRs have, but with AP, which benefits the AN-94 far more than many DMRs barring maybe the SA58, its damage model is on par with the SCAR SSR’s, barring the limited 1-hit headshot potential, minus all the sucky movement and handling.


Clunky burst?


Get that normie shit outta here.


i dont discuss ammo types because i see no reason for them to exist in the first place.

i talk about vanilla weapons.

hell, i dont even use ammo types


To be a chad you need to use a non mainstream weapon



again, at least the AWS isn’t a Russian zombie thing that got revived from the dead


Also apparently people still say the sa58 is better than the FAL 50.00


Hollow Point I agree with, but Armor Piercing is an extremely valuable attachment to use, especially on assault rifles and PDWs, which lack torso multipliers most of the time, making those guns take a shot less to kill to the torso at a distance, which helps tremendously when much of what you’re up against is long distance weaponry.


At least the AN-94 isn’t a glorified bolt-action Honey Badger in terms of annoyance.


The problem with hollow points is that, there’s nothing for it to directly counter, same with AP, which is why I made those defunct armor posts .


it is but it isnt. all the FALS cover a range.

the Para covers close-mid, the shorty close range exclusively, and the SA58 long -mid range.

the normal fal just got the Aug A3 syndrome.

nowhere to go


Expectations of the aws: the mp5sd of the snipers

Reality:is louder than a suppressed sniper


be fucking glad it’s a bolt action and not a semi-auto


AP I guess is “countered” by lowering max damage to the limbs (or even overall damage if the multiplier is higher than 1.2x), so some guns could suffer in close quarters, to trade off for performance at long range.