What Weapons Do You Main?

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I have a pretty versatile playstyle, there isn’t exactly any 1 weapon that I main. So I’m going to be listing the weapons I main per weapon class.
For those of you who know me, some of these won’t be a suprise.



I actually mained the AK12 before this believe it or not. But I got so sick and tired of the fact that the AK12 feels like it fires Airsoft BB’s. I REALLY needed to switch.
Anyway, this is a solid Assault Rifle, I’ve always considered it a better AK47. One thing’s for sure, attachments look better on it because of the tAcTiCoOl look of it.
All in all, very good damage, controllable recoil with the right attachments, good Muzzle Velocity, what’s not to like? If you’re a high rank, please don’t sleep on this. I basically never see anyone use this or the carbine variant… like, ever.



I used to be a FAL 50.00 main before I made the switch. I am quite fond of this BR. It’s got an O.K recoil pattern that can be mitigated once you stick a Muzzle Brake on it. But in a similar fashion to the FAL, you shouldn’t use high-power optics. Your screen will shake more than a kid who unfortunately got into his fat dad’s Pepsi stash.
Damage is good, and it’s moderate RPM makes it decently controllable at full auto up to around 150 studs. It’s another one of those weapons that no one really uses, I’ve seen more AG-3’s in my time.



Yes, actually. I like this weapon for its Assault like capabilities. It does have a pretty mediocre TTK at 5SK, but that is really only noticeable at longer ranges. Up close, I would argue its damage is nigh on par with the AK103. It’s also a lot more controllable than the AK103 could ever even hope to be.
Honestly if you don’t have this weapon, just use the AK12C, you wont be disappointed.


Kriss Vector:

Not a big surprise here. Y’all know this is an S tier weapon. It’s a CQC monster that can absolutely obliterate anything up close.
From my personal experience, the best counter is to either use the Mac-10, M231, or sort of high RPM LMG/Shotgun. This thing is insane.
It only lacks at longer ranges, but it has a neat little burst mode that may be able to help with that. Especially if you are like me and you run HP with Acog, and just aim for the head.



Say what you want, this is a decent LMG in my opinion.
It’s got pretty awful minimum damage at longer ranges, but that’s not really the point of it. It’s great for defending against spawn trapping, just camp near the areas where they rush and gun their ass down the second you see them appear.
If you have walls near you, you can use them for cover against the Kriss Vector, that way you can just shoot right through the walls and still kill them with relative ease. Especially if they are using HP, in which they are going to struggle to even penetrate wood.

or you can just be like me and use it as a dmr on mirage. surprisingly effective, went 30-1



I don’t actually see this weapon being used all that much, probably from part of the community classifying it as a nOo SkIlL wEaPoN. But seriously, this weapon is great for a support-like role. It has really good suppression, that can easily match some LMG’s. It’s also Fully-Automatic, which may or may not matter to you, but it sure is convenient.
Also Stylis actually made sure it wasn’t overpowered. It’s damage at range is good, but not on the levels of that damned KSG. And it’s overall a very reliable weapon in CQB. I recommend a Muzzle Break for full auto fire, especially if you’re using slugs and treating it as a pseudo-DMR.
Overall excellent Shotgun, easily a B tier weapon or higher, definitely one of my favorites despite the fact that I basically never use Shotguns.


Scar SSR:

It was actually the SVDS for the longest time, but now that it’s apparently considered a Sniper Rifle, I would say I use the Scar SSR the most.
It can 1 shot to the head up to a decent range, and has damage that is respectable. I’ve always considered it a better MK11. As long as you have good trigger discipline, this gun can be quite effective at longer ranges. But watch yourself, that recoil can be unforgiving if you don’t use the gun properly.


Those of you who know me know exactly which one I am going to pick. It is one of my favorite weapons in the game, I have over 4.5K kills with it. I constantly make jokes about how I love this weapon so much.
Aight, it should be clear by now.

AWM (L115A3):

In my opinion, this is one of the best sniper rifles. Ever since the AWS buff, this weapon has a lot of rivals (including the TRG-42). Despite that, I would rather use this weapon.
One thing that has bugged me when I switch snipers, is the sensitivity value that is affected by how much the gun weighs. The BFG feels too slow, the Steyr feels too fast, this gun feels just right to me. I feel like I can always trust this gun.

And I can, my best KDR match of 72-3 was performed by the L11 on Mirage. I felt like I was in complete control the entire time.
I don’t care what anyone says, I love this weapon, and I always will.

So, what do you guys main?


L2A3, KAC SRR, SVDS, HK-416, HK-21, and KS-23M.


SVDS is another really good weapon that is underused.
And I’m glad someone actually uses the HK-21 like me!


Keep in mind I’m only lv 52 as of 9/25/19
Here we go,

Assault rifle, This is a toss-up between Scar L and the Famas g2
The famas has decent damage al around but the main perk of it is that the weapon itself is in the top 10% range in fire rate. This gun is an absolute laser at close range and it can easily kill full auto at 300 studs. Before the recoil nerf this weapon was a fire Lazer where I could kill someone from up to 300 studes full auto with it hip-fire (I am being serious) Whereas the Scar L has its candy in the damage jar, the fire rate is slow and feels weird at first, but once you put the ACOG on you can shred up to 400 studs and it feels buttery smooth.

Battle Rifle, This is the Scar H
I believe this is the best weapon for lower rank users because it has a high headshot damage rate and the legitimate lowest time to kill is m.10 seconds. this gun isn’t really lacking in any categories except the empty reload time. for an automatic non-LMG gun, the meer 4 second reload can get annoying when in heavily contested areas when you have to constantly be aware of the fact that you only get 1-2 kills out of a mag.

Carbine, Honey Badger
bought this gun early because I couldn’t wait the long wait for it, so far it lives up to its name, it is internally suppressed and has an insane fire rate, the only thing is it has high recoil and is terrible damage-wise at long-range distances. It very fast reloads and has high hip-fire accuracy.

Shotgun, KSG 12
Had to give it to the ksg, ever since fleet, birdshot, and slugs were added as attachments to shotguns I have fallen in love with it, merely racking up 2k kills it is my highest kill weapon right now. The sheer result of a laser beam of a 15 mag slugs shotgun is incredibly, just the other day I
got a 500 stud 2 shot headshot kill with it. It is fast to reload and is an overall beast. (i don’t care how much hate is being thrown at me, it is generally fun to use and just because your bad against a player like me doesn’t mean you can’t get better.

this being the weapon with the least amount fo recoil I can see why I love this so much. this is just so satisfying to use at long ranges, but the downside is the REALLY REALLY slow fire rate, I mean I feel like I’m firing a musket and have to reload every bullet. BEsides that the damage is great the gun is a fun one to shred with for a round or 2.

DMR, I have to say I really liked the dragonov in here but whatever. VSS Vintorezz
This gun I chose because I don’t really use dmr’s so I dont have a huge opinion on but If I had to choose I would choose it over the MK11 and SKS.

This weapon is really nice when going into ruff intense scenarios where you have to kill more than one or 2 people at a time. This works especially well on suburbia when it first came out because it was incredibly easy to spawn trap and get those 60 kill games. this gun lacks in damage but recovers for it in fire rate.

Sniper Rifle, Intervention
This is a classic that still, in my opinion, outperforms the AWS and Remington. this is a highly customizable and versatile sniper that is perfect for camping angles, (like crane) and just running around quick scoping. this gun was really broken before the big sniper update when they changed it so your entire screen was black except the scopes you could easily hit insane black scopes and really clean flick hard scopes.

Frag: The best weapon in my opinion, I mained it to get my highest kill game. In the game i got over 70 killes with the frag, PM me for more details

that is the full list of weapons I main!

  • AK-103
  • FAL 50.00
  • FAL 50.63 PARA
  • SA58 SPR
  • HK-21
  • FAL PARA Shorty
  • SPAS-12
  • M107
  • Five Seven
  • MP1911
  • Redhawk 44 (Planned to be replaced by Executioner)
  • Obrez

Uzi's + WA2000 + SL-8 [Test place news #29]

I agree with this for rushing flags


G36-103k kills;
Mp5/10-11k kills;
Intervention-10k kills;
Scar Hamr-4k kills.


L86 LSW. I would say more, but uh, anyways, moving on.


Doesn’t get more “main” than that.


This is pretty much the exact answer I would expect from you.

The LSW to you is the AWM to me.


Stop this is bad for your health


I am literally the only RPK12 main in existence.


I mean, i used to use it quite a bit. I’ve been tending to use the Mac 10 much more though as of now.


Darkman gonna be triggered XD


fal 50.00
Tommy Gun
five seven


Of course you HAD to notify him.

Uh oh.


I always liked the Obrez since Beta.
It was my main secondary for the Scout class for a long time.

I already burned something.


you can actually use the KAC?

fucking teach me


Aug A1, Mp-7, AG-3 (normal G3 is shit imo), RPK, AWS, Scar PDW, Five-seveN


Scar PDW with the (pm2?, what’s the Scar rifle scope called, dont recall) that is the stuff. Nobody likes dying to that, scoped pdw.