What if we went for a more realistic approach lol

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Shit. At this point, we might as well make a thread dedicated to going over possible mechanics, features, gameplay changes, etc.


If dev were to make the game more realistic, I wonder if snipers would fire slower, given that they could be buffed to 1shot torso at all ranges


I believe you were posting in this thread a while back, which leads me to believe you saw the following messages as shown in this link.

Do you trust a random 3rd party’s interpretation over mine?

The claims from the user in this thread are incorrect and defamatory as the situation did not occur as described here.


I would like to inform you that the information you have supplied without my knowledge or express consent is incorrect and defamatory.

Please remove this comment and any others related to it. Otherwise, an appeal will be made.

If you have spread this misinformation to other communication channels, please retract these as well. Wiping my name like an oil-soaked rag months after the issue occurred isn’t conducive at all.


Don’t spread incorrect information.

also return to topic


my bad, just going off of what i was told from the discord.


Might be able to redeem yourself by refuting any similar claims on the Discord. Clearly, some people still have things against me and will not stop at anything to slander my name.


my deepest apologizes. next time i have access to discord, i will talk to those who said those things and clear this up for them as well


The fact that you said sorry time and time again shows that you really care.
Not trying to get involved, just saying that I admire that. Most people couldn’t bare the thought that they screwed up. You’re on the right track to redeem yourself. Time can heal the deepest of wounds.


thanks. i know i can be an asshole alot. unfortunately it’s in my nature. there are times where i talk without speaking, act without foreshadowing, and sometimes fucking up intentionally. thank god this wasnt one of those times where i get hard-headed and persist that im correct.

again, i am very sorry @Veteran15837. excuse me for being an ass


no no, it is just I wanted to know as much info available as to what happened during the time so I can get some starter info, I don’t exactly believe what he said was the case, my apologies if it seemed I trusted all he said, I just figured you wouldn’t exactly give out the majority of details, that was my fault for somewhat trusting what he said, and I will look more into later situations before I blindly somewhat believe.


Late as all heck reply, but…
Basically, auto depending on firearm is going to range from controllable to it’s, uh, suppressing fire.
Autoheal would need you to go to a deployable medpack or something or have little 75% heal packs.

Headshots aren’t instant kills but they’re close.

Armor modelling. Helmets will stop anything under and up to .44 Magnum. 7.62x39 might glance off.

Shotguns become peashooters on the torso, and oh yes, I can delete your squad from fifty meters if I hit them all in the limbs somehow. Reminder, 8 .30 spherical low vel projectiles are in a normal 00 buck.

Camping would be kind of encouraged. Possibly a small Fortification mechanic using nearby objects. Pull over and disassemble a crate for a medium metal cover.

Weight: Vaulting and movement with total loadout weight would vary, and you COULD take a SFG 50, SARVIP plates, a K6B helmet, and as much ammo and equipment you could carry… but… Look, it’s 150lbs of stuff. Your mobility is going to be terrible and vaulting is more like flopping over the short wall. Or you could go with the HIGH SPEED TACTICOOL OPER8R look and bring an M4, four mags, and the lightest armor in game without a helmet, maybe a few nades… But then, any handgun is a 1sk into the head, you die really fast from counterfire, and while you’re FAST your other well balanced teammates will have the ability to weather fire better and sustain a longer gunfight.
Bipods do something. If you can vault the wall, you can stick the bipod on with a short animation. ADS and such without is going to be DARN difficult. Cracks are ingame I believe.

Stamina is only for a sort of enhanced mobility time. Basically, you can sprint and stuff at 0 stamina, but it’s just jogging at that point.

Gunplay: No more attachment slots. Every rail gets a spot for sticking something on. As well, running with a gun is possible! Just… inaccurate. As in, the MP5S turns into an M60’s spread.

Overheat: Only really a thing on LMGs, but if you spray off 210 5.56 rounds out of a M4A1, they do jam. So in extreme circumstances yes, gun gets hot.

Handguns retain lethality over most ranges, but are relatively short ranged.
PDWs with shorter lethal radii: UMP45, MP7, PPSH, MP5S, MAC-11, etc.

Recoil feels better. .45 ACP apparently has higher recoil but is smoother, and 9mm is low but snappy. Think gentle but firm shove vs weak but hard shove.

Forward grips on handguns. Hipfire is generally worse, but recoil becomes much better.

Rechambers. .50 AE for .44, .50 Beo for AR15 platform rifles, etc.


Depends on gun.
.308 would never 1sk, even up close, 7.62x54mmR would need AP for medium range torso kills, which would reduce arm and leg damage significantly, .338 would crack plates at map to map end ranges with AP, and .408 could crack plates in close without, all limbs without AP, or with AP, crack plates behind light cover (1-2 stud thick cover) and kill at map wide range. .50 BMG is death unless you’re wearing the best plates in game.