What if we went for a more realistic approach lol

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Kinda out there, but what if there was a branch with a focus on realism and combined arms?


Stylis studios might as well create a new game starting from scratch, given that there will likely have fundamentally different mechanics (i.e. all guns being able to 1shot to the head at all ranges).
Also RPGs and tanks anyone?


Helmets. ACH is IIIA, the russian assault helmet has GOST 2, and the patka can supposedly tank a 7.62x51mm M80 ball.


besides that, you can play with multipliers


If stylis ends up actually making a new game with a more realistic approach, I believe they will strongly consider making more realistic characters (like the ones in Strucid).
I’m not sure if they will make the current game PF more realistic, given that this game uses old codes


I’m not sure how I feel about this one. One things for sure, it would be a good change of pace, but I think it should be separated from the main game. Maybe call it “competitive mode” or something. I would certainly have a hard time adjusting to it.

Let’s point out the obvious first:

  • Shotguns would for the most part stay the same, maybe even do MORE damage at range.
  • Every weapon would one-shot to the head (even the Zip 22).
  • Movement speed wouldn’t really differ from gun to gun. That simply isn’t the case IRL lol…
  • Stamina would be a thing.
  • No auto-heal mechanic, you would probably need to use morphine to heal.
  • All the snipers would 1-shot to the body, probably DMR’s too.
  • There would be a cooldown for sliding, and it would take longer to get up as well as performing two slides in quick succession would be physically impossible.
  • Accuracy on full auto would be drastically reduced no matter what rifle you used.
  • M231 simply would be completely uncontrollable on full auto spam.
  • You might be able to hit your own teamates.
  • Gameplay would be much slower paced/camping might become a more common strategy. As well as hiding in bushes, trees, etc.
  • You would have more incentive to group up rather than break apart (unless you’re sniping).
  • Your character might have a hard time holding up the Hecate and M107, so there could be more scope sway and a perhaps you might even have less time on the “Hold Shift to Steady”.
  • Guns would sound more realistic, and even have a supersonic crack noise.
  • Most of, if not all the Assault Rifles would 3 shot kill at most to the body.
  • Weapons firing faster, yet smaller calibers would always do less damage up close than something like an AK.
  • “Flicking” with sniper rifles would be impossible. Period. The human body can’t move that fast.
  • Guns would jam, and maybe overheat.
  • You would lose stamina quicker if the gun was heavier.
  • Pistols would be completely inaccurate past a certain range, same goes for certain PDW’s with short barrels.

All in all, I really want to see something like this. I’m curious as to how they would try to balance it out.
But please Stylis, don’t replace the rules in place with something like this. Either create a separate game altogether, or add some sort of competitive mode that will send you onto COMP servers. Something like this should really only be played by the most dedicated players. As this would become very frustrating if you were not used to something like this.


I think its possible dev would make equipment a thing if they were to actually make a completely new game (which I think is more likely)


I know Newbs was working on a project known as PF Hardcore, basically more realistic PF, go figure. Although since the whole fiasco that ended with him being booted from the Admins team, I have no idea if the project is still going or not.


You can ask him, he is on the Forums. Although don’t expect a speedy response, he seems pretty busy with real life atm


The hardcore PF concept, along with other forum threads are delayed due to the aforementioned situation occurring a few months back.

I’d need to copy the information from those threads and make new ones since I’ve locked the originals before being removed from staff.

As for the pitch of realistic PF, I’m an advocate for it.

Potential ideas

Would be nice. If you look at the daily numbers, PF is clearly dying as they days go by.
Some fresh new content might bring some of the veterans back.


i mean. in my honest opinion. PF will reach higher numbers at update times. but during content droughts, people dont play, for a good reason.

you have everything unlocked. no reason to play anymore


what exactly happened?


The only thing that kept me playing were the times when I would try to improve my KDR (which I still do consistantly), or use weapons that I don’t use that much.

The problem with new updates, is that the player increase is always temporary (not that i needed to tell you that), especially when they do crap like making the new weapons a hella high rank requirement.

again the Tommy

They need shape up or else theyre in trouble.
I believe hardcore PF might be a good booster for them in the long run.


ah I see


Wouldn’t making a new game be a better idea? I think it will bring fresh content as well as having the opportunity to make a game that’s based on pf but it’s more realistic


Making an add-on would be a better choice for StyLiS because they would have to spend a lot of time and resources on a whole new game, and at the stage they’re currently in, it would be a bad idea to leave PF in the dust if they spent the next few months or year developing a whole new game from the ground up.
If they’re gonna make it separate, they should take the base game and redo a lot of the stuff involving weapon handling, movement, and possibly add mechanics to pump up the realism. So even then, an add-on would still be time-consuming. Also they should make access to it cost Robux, but that’s just me. Probably not the smartest idea if they’re looking for larger numbers of players to be playing it.


Shit. At this point, we might as well make a thread dedicated to going over possible mechanics, features, gameplay changes, etc.


If dev were to make the game more realistic, I wonder if snipers would fire slower, given that they could be buffed to 1shot torso at all ranges


I believe you were posting in this thread a while back, which leads me to believe you saw the following messages as shown in this link.

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