What Has the New Balance Done?!?!


Dear lord. Yesterday the new HP and AP ammo caused an uproar with positive feedback from great gunplay, and overall changing the meta to be more diverse and customizable. With the new balancing, guns with AP and HP ammo are either amazing at close range, and shit at long… or the other way around. Some guns become flat out useless. I dare say this new balance has managed to really hurt the new ammo types. Mind you, this makes the M60 able to two shot bodyshot within 120 studs. The RPK at 80 studs. The SCAR SSR with AP can one hit to the body past 180 studs.


uproar of positive feedback

I honestly can’t tell if this is a good or bad thing. the tone you use keeps shifting back and forth


Make sense yet?


it didn’t help. don’t worry too much about it