Weapon suggestion: H&K SL8

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This semi-auto rifle which is the civilian version of the well-known g36 assaullt rifle is the first DMR(where else you going to put it?) to use the .223 Remington(to justify the damage and penetration for such a weapon and 55.6 is isn’t going to cut it )
Rank unlock: 47
Range: 150 Max -> 175 Min
Velocity:2400 studs/s
Penetration depth:1.5
Head multiplier: 2.4
Reload time: Same as the g36
Equip speed:11
Aim speed:15
weapon walk speed:14 studs
**ADS walking speed**: 9.2 studs
Info(in-game): you see it has the fastest rpm in it’s class and it’s the only dmr that you can pick up ammo from 55.6 weapons and having the lowest amount of recoil however, this comes at the price of having no torso multipliers at all meaning it will always take 3-4 hits to kill a target that’s not to the head and having only 10 round in a mag means you better pace your shots(also since it’s a german weapon in the DMR category it can use the PM II)
Recoil and flash : It has a low flash profile and the low vertical recoil with moderate camera recoil,but the horiziontal recoil is the main problem is if you spam it repeatedly.


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Wdym meh?


Not sure I care about this.

  1. If it’s semi-auto only, then why should it have a firecap any higher than 780 RPM?

  2. Why is the velocity lower than assault rifles firing (technically) the same bullet?

  3. Why can’t it just have the G36 reload?

  4. The damage is lower than the SCAR-L’s, apart from headshots.


The only thing I like about this gun is the looks and looks aren’t any thing in the long run


how I would balance this, statistically, would be to base the damage/range from the SCAR SSR

Damage: 40-30
Range: 100max -> 170min
Multiplier: Head ×2.3, Torso ×1.3, Limbs ×1

that means, at 90 studs, a headshot will cause 92 damage. so if your enemy stubbed his toe, you’ll be able to one shot him. otherwise, it’s a 2 hit kill.


its been fixed


looks fuckin’ dope


Hell yeah! that looks so much like a G36 lol


Never thought this suggestion of mine would be in TP the first time I created this thread.