Weapon balances changelog of 3.14.1 (Halloween)


I was referring to the fact that the SCAR-H was a 4-hit kill at range when the SCAR-L also had a 4-hit kill at range, and given that the SCAR-L also shoots at a faster velocity, it also has a faster TTK at range than pre-buff SCAR-H.

I should also mention the faster handling and 30 round magazine versus a 20 rounder, but that’s a given.

The nerf back then gave the SCAR-H super short range and only 60 rounds in reserve, apparently because it was “better than the AKM.”


I loved the Scar H. I didn’t even know it got nerfed in the first place. Good Mar


I see what you did there


the AWS is crippling as it is…

I don’t want my main sniper to become dogshit


Dogshit?! It has 10 rounds, fastest reload in class, second fastest fire rate, second fastest quickscope time (second only to buffed R700 and tied with buffed Mosin), AND can torso kill at very close range.

The only part that’s dogshit is the bullet drop, but that’s easier to master than the Obrez’s for damn sure.


Integral suppressor= more bullet drop ,obviously.


But easier to master than the sawed off mosin.


I can’t argue with that.