Votekicking Speedrun Contest. Prize: Free Alt Account

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Ayyyy I can post now! Nerds beat my time I dare you


Looks like no one is attempting my record outta here


can I get the account now?


You’ve got less than 5 hours left.

@FortniteKranker is currently in the lead. Submit a faster time, and the account is yours.


what is his time?


big F


I genuinely need the account, I demand it.

@FortniteKranker can we share it?

I can help, I can help!


i got a alt its free
dont have to do anything
its like rank 4 tho


but, but, what does… i-it have?


nothing lol
im giving it to you


it is literally just an alt with nothing?

(not saying I don’t like the offer but I am still in some question)


its like the rank 0 challange
it might have like 2 skins


ah, alright alright, I would still like to try for this as well, his offer is nice as well.


4 seconds.


Btw, y’all have until 5 pm PST


I got votekicked in 2 seconds once


soldier boy and others give up, you need video confirmation
lmao you didnt give any, so i win


Congratulations to @FortniteKranker for winning the account!

Thank you all who perhaps attempted but failed once he submitted his time.
Currently still working on the account, but I’m almost done.

@CasualEgg Maybe we can work something out in the future buddy.




we share it, now.