Votekicking Speedrun Contest. Prize: Free Alt Account

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Free alt account? No thanks I have plenty already.


@Mr.E :


@CasualEgg :




did I win yet?


Contest ends on 10/1/19. If no one submits anything by 5 PM PST on that day, the account is yours.


My friend IRL @FortniteKranker got votekicked at 3:12.

Timestap 3:08, start time.

It literally took him 4 fucking seconds. We were screen sharing, so I can confirm it is legit despite the fact that in the stream it is cut off.

Beat this fuckers.


I remember getting kicked automatically by the system for…nothing?

Not sure if that counts as votekick or not, but hey, 0 second


Not quite.

Needs to be initiated by the player :confused:


slides two dollars

I will take the account Now.


slides 10 dollars

Nope you ain’t getting it now bud


*slides a hentai magazine *

You so sure about that bud?




i will give you my phase 2 talon knife doppler.

(this is a 1000 dollar CS:go skin. or i can give you a real life one)


no don’t i want the account.


Wait, hold up.

Are you actually for real?


no. sorry but it’s a joke. my steam account is tradebanned until 2038 anyways


I didn’t even know that was possible.

Did you scam people or something?


nope. it was over s $6 chargeback


That’s insane lol


can yall return to topic