Votekicking Speedrun Contest. Prize: Free Alt Account

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Today I came up with the idea of having a contest where you try to get votekicked from a lobby as soon as possible. The winner will indeed receive a prize. (I’ll get to that shortly).


  • You need to provide video evidence of how long it took.
  • The contest will go until 10/1/2019 at 5 PM PST.
  • Using ALTS or your friends to get you votekicked is allowed.
  • Manually initiating the votekick is allowed.
  • The timer starts the second you deploy into the match for the first time.
  • All times must either be posted in this thread below, or PM’d to me.
  • Flagging someone else’s time will result in disqualification.
  • If a time appears sketchy, PM me and I will investigate it privately.


The winner will receive a Rank 50 PF account. This account will include the following things below:

  • Maxed out AK12.

  • Maxed out MP5K

  • Maxed out Colt LMG

  • Maxed out M4A1

  • Maxed out AK-47

  • Maxed out Scar-L
    I can see you getting excited @Darkman_Bree

  • Guaranteed 3+ KDR

  • Multiple Skins

  • 300 Robux (if we get to 30 entries)

And no, this is not a scam. I am simply doing this because I love PF.

Whoever wins will be announced below, the account information will be PM’d to the winner.
NOTE: The account wont be linked to an email, so you need to change the password ASAP.

Good luck! And happy votekicking!


Shit, I can’t participate

I have no video equipment


Windows 10 has built in video recording software, you can use that.


If you dont have windows 10, fraps is good too.


I run a fucking mac, how can I use those?


On Mac, there is Quicktime player. Which is built in and can record some basic videos.


cant AWMan


Well my QTP doesn’t work so RIP me


Maybe I can modify the rules and allow photographic evidence…

May be too risky though


Laughs in rank 211 pf account XD.


Young Putin approve

On a more serious note, nice challenge. My dorm wifi is absolute shit so I cant participate, but I wish all participants the best of luck.


Just claimed the ACC today. Username is iHopTrippleStacked. I still dont know how that wasnt taken lol.

And yes, “Triple” is intentionally misspelled.


I mean, if you don’t want the account I’ll gladly give it to someone else. :smirk:


Contest is underway!


fuck, soon as my laptop breaks


Update: Rank 19
3.98 KDR

786 Kills on AK12

314 Kills on Colt LMG


RULES MODIFIED: Digital Stopwatch no longer required for those of you who aren’t that experienced with editing.


Bumping my thread again so people who are possibly interested actually see this.

Even if no one participates. some lucky fucker is going to receive iHopTrippleStacked


ah, I wan’t to join but I don’t have my PC in this


*slides you a paperclip with a torn up dollar attached *

I can do you a little favor.

in return for this account.



I need to think about that one.
But if no one participates, expect to get priority.