VIP Server updates (Not live)


Its server moderators, so basically the server owner will be able to assign people as moderator for that specific server, giving them power to kick/ban


okay thanks.


That in of it self will do a lot to help competitive matches flow. Will there be a ban list that the servers mods have access to?


Ability to add your own Map model into the Map folder script, just needs the AGMP models (All Game Mode Points) to be placed in the right locations for game modes to work.


Everyday of my life, I hope deeply that this Update will go live and successful…


I feel like I’m in a Story in the Bible.


been busy with player data stuff, i’ll get back on this tomorrow


Yes please


Says while playing PF messing with slow and fast motion


So i got a VIP-server-related idea

The owner of a vip server can determine the gamemode, maps, and even give people timeouts in that vip server

  • you can also make others co-owners
  • you can even edit the point capture speed
  • you can also place players on the other team

What u think bout this?

  • YOS
  • Nope

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Considering that you can’t rank up on private servers, I think it’s a good idea to just fuck around with the rules.


Or even vip servers for custom maps




yeh and maybe use loadstring todo so or something you would still need the map setup right but for people who know what they are doing it would be a fun feature




plays on a 1×1×1 stud block