VIP Server updates (Not live)


Changes that I’ve completed:

  • Ability to toggle wether team spawning is allowed or not (Not fully complete)
  • VIP server data saving/etc (Like settings, etc for that server)
  • Add ability to add server mods
  • Add ability to remove server mods
  • Proper permission system for mods, etc.

To do:

  • Add ability to kick/ban users from VIP servers.

  • Add a map and mode changing command

  • Add a command to move people to other teams

  • Ban check for users

Dank Vip Server Ideas

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But nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!



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wait VIP Server data saving?? What does it save specifically?


I hope it’s not KDR and Exp.


No, its just the server settings, mod list, etc.


whew* I got worried there for a sec.


How about unlocking everything in a VIP server?


this is GREAT. I cant think of anything better. Inb4 influx of VIP servers purchased, i know ill be getting another :smiley:


here comes rank 0s with krispy vectors





I’m pretty sure that feature used to be in VIP servers until the new UI update.

Would love for it to come back.


i had 500 robux but i was like a vip server isnt worth it and i spent it on a limited and now this update goes live soon lmao rippp


It was, and from my understanding it was never supposed to be removed.


This. Please. It used to be a thing, and gun game was possible. Now, not so much.


when ur rank 123, anything is possible


I mean yeah. I’m rank 129, so I have everything, but the concept of “gun game” mini games got shit on with the VIP update.


So you can add server mods? Does that mean that you can make it so you have PF gun game?


right now if a rank 50 or something wants to play gun game, they can’t unless they bought every gun in the game
gun game becomes really selective then


I can’t tell if it’s Mods as in Add-On Mods, or just Mods as in Moderators.